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What No One Will Tell You About Kissinger! (& more)

Dangerous Idea’s with Lee Camo – November 30th, 2023 See Also: (Lee Camp) – Israel’s Secret Weapon PLUS Dr. Jill Stein! Also: (Lee Camp) – Tank Gunner Admits They Fired On Civilians Also: (Lee Camp) – Most U.S. Politicians Bought By Israel Also: (Lee Camp)

Israel Has Admitted Their TRUE Plan Publicly

Dangerous Idea’s with Lee Camp See Also: (Lee Camp) – Cornel West Furious Over Palestine Also: (Lee Camp) – Biden RETRACTS Statement Opposing War Crimes Also: (Lee Camp) – CNN & IDF Say A Calendar Is Proof Of “Hamas Control Center” Also: (Lee Camp) –

Israel Has Already Killed A Dozen Journalists

Lee delves into the alarming truth that a dozen journalists have already lost their lives in Israel-Palestine ongoing conflict, provideing a unique perspective seldom explored elsewhere. See Also: (Redacted) – Israeli Official Accidentally Admits It! Lee delves into former Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Danny Ayalon,

CIA-Backed Coups Collapsing

Lee taped the opening of the show before the 2020 presidential election but even back then it was obvious that the loser in this election would be people and planet. Knowing that whatever the result of the election is will be depressing, Camp dedicates this

Ron Paul On Assange Trial & US Empire

We have a big interview for you this week. Ron Paul came on the show to discuss the multitude of corrupt practices that hold up the USA. Lee and Paul discuss the military industrial complex, the impending economic collapse, and the persecution of Julian Assange.

This Is The Largest Theft Ever In US History

The bailout package that congress just passed is a $500 Billion+ theft from the public sphere to the private sphere. It’s the largest theft in US history. See Also: (Lee Camp) – Breadcrumbs For The People While Virus Rages Also: (Lee Camp) – There’s No

Julian Assange Is In A Kangaroo Court (Plus George Galloway)

George Galloway is the guest this week. He is a friend of Julian Assange, the political prisoner and founder of Wikileaks. Assange is facing an extradition hearing in the UK. The US wants to bring him over here to charge him with a multitude of

CC Podcast #97: Bernie Surges, Harvey Convicted, ICE Gargles Balls

This week: The 2020 election madness continues – with Russiagate resurrection and corporate media shit-slinging that compares Bernie Sanders (the only Jewish candidate) to Nazis. No really, I’m serious. Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on third-degree rape and criminal sexual acts. I know what you’re

These Could Be The Next U.S. Political Prisoners

February 6th, 2020 – Redacted Tonight See Also: (Lee Camp) – Trump Just Screwed Palestinians Even More The ostensible peace deal for Israel-Palestine announced by the Trump administration this week is a complete joke and Lee is here to tell you why. It stands no

Bombshell Development In Julian Assange Case

The US government has taken off its mask of civility and argued that foreign journalists aren’t protected by American freedom of the press. This is how they’ve justified the persecution of Julian Assange. Glenn Greenwald is facing the same pressure in Brazil.

Dems Revealed Their True Selves By Making Bolton Their New Hero

The fact that the DNC have decided John Bolton is someone to be trusted goes against reality. They keep on deifying horrific people because they think it will help them undermine the President and it shows their character. See Also: (Lee Camp) – Trump’s Two-State

The Real Reasons Behind War With Iran

We are not at war with Iran but Trump tried his hardest to make that happen this week by assassinating General Qassem Soleimani. Since then the mainstream media have been losing their minds with indecision over whether the orange man is bad or the illegal

The Military Industrial Complex Has Run Wild

Redacted Tonight – These are the highlights from 2019 on the theme of the military industrial complex. See Also: (Lee Camp) – CC Podcast #88: Power of the Mind, Deep Sea Secrets, Worker Revolution & Bernie Rising Also: (Lee Camp) – Firsthand Proof: How Fracking

The Most Censored Stories of 2019!

Project Censored released their list of the top censored stories in the US over the last year. Among many stories they show us how Facebook is a tool of US foreign policy, indigenous protesters are rocking the environmental movements, slavery is still in effect across

Google Censorship Revealed (And Max Blumenthal Charges Dropped)

Redacted Tonight – Published December 12th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – US Green-Lights Israeli Destruction Of Palestinian Homes Also: (Lee Camp) – MSNBC’s Fake Concern For The Climate Crisis Also: (Lee Camp) – Pete Buttigieg’s Housing Initiative Makes People Vomit! Also: (Lee Camp) –

US Wants To Own Latin America (w/ Journalist Ben Norton)

Ben Norton is a journalist with The Grayzone and he sat down with Lee at the top of the show. They discuss US foreign policy relating to Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, and more. These Latin American countries are seeing their left wing governments attacked by

The Assassination of JFK & Mary Meyer: REVEALED!

Redacted Tonight – November 28th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – NYPD Illegally Collecting Kids’ Fingerprints Natalie McGill reports on a database where the NYPD illegally kept hundreds of people’s fingerprints. Also: (Lee Camp) – Coup Plotters Trained at U.S. School Naomi Karavani looks back

PROOF: Yet More Lies Told By Our Media

Redacted Tonight – October 30th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – BREAKING: Journalist Arrested By D.C. Police As Political Retaliation Also: (Lee Camp) – 5G Not Proven Safe: Says Scientific American Also: (Lee Camp) – Protests Break Out Around The World! Also: (Lee Camp) –

The Jeffrey Epstein Cover-Up Continues (Moment of Clarity)

Redacted Tonight – October 23rd, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – The Ongoing Persecution of Whistleblowers Also: (Lee Camp) – CC Podcast #79: Tulsi Thrashes Hillary, Fake Syrian Footage, Alternative to Police More people need to lay it down the way that Tulsi Gabbard did

The REAL Reasons For Trump’s Impeachment

Redacted Tonight – October 4th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – Pentagon’s Massive Waste Revealed (Viewer Questions) Also: (Lee Camp) – Media Manipulation Bigger Than Ever Also: (Lee Camp) – The YIMBY Movement: Yuppie Privilege On Display Also: (Lee Camp) – FBI Spied on Anti-War

Don’t Believe The Lies Again

Redacted Tonight – Published on Sep 20th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – Hong Kong Is Not What It Seems Also: (Lee Camp) – Judge Rules Terror Watch List Unconstitutional! Also: (Lee Camp) – Americans Using Groupons For Healthcare Also: (Lee Camp) – U.S. Record

The Truth About The Hong Kong Protests, & Hurricane Money

Redacted Tonight – Published September 5th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camps) – Common Censored Podcast #72: Hurricanes, Fake Burgers & Fairness No More As Hurricane Dorian makes landfall, we talk solidarity not charity, disaster preparedness and why capitalism is so ill-equipped to deal with disaster.

Interview with President Maduro of Venezuela

Redacted Tonight – Published on Aug 15th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – U.S. Steals Tons Of Food From Venezuela Also: (Lee Camp) – Former Bernie Staffer On How Elections Are Still Rigged Also: (Lee Camp) – Tulsi Gabbard Sabotaged By Twitter! Also: (Lee Camp)

Democratic Debate Idiocy, Boeing Crashes, Nuclear Bailout

Redacted Tonight – Published on Aug 2nd, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – What They Will Never Say At The Dem Debates (plus Viewer Questions) Also: (Lee Camp) – Lies & Propaganda In The Democratic Debate Also: (Lee Camp) – Common Censored Podcast #69: Enemy

Jesse Ventura On MSNBC Paying Him To Not Talk About War

Redacted Tonight – Premiered Aug 1st, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – Wealthy Investors Breaking Up & Selling Hospitals For Parts Also: (Lee Camp) – Common Censored Podcast #68: Getting to Utopia, Dems’ Garbage Healthcare, Cops Get All Wet Also: (Lee Camp) – Kamala Harris

Sex Trafficking Scandal Rocks The Government

Redacted Tonight – Published on Jul 15th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – The TRUTH About Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton, & Trump Also: (Lee Camp) – Proof CNN Is Filled With Nonsense & Nonevents Also: (Lee Camp) – Major Protests Against U.S. Concentration Camps!

U.S. Found To Be Allied With Al Qaeda!

Redacted Tonight – Published on Jun 25th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – 9 Ways Joe Biden Is A Disaster! (Plus Viewer Questions) Also: (Lee Camp) – BREAKING: FBI Never Saw DNC Servers They Claim Russia Hacked! Also: (Lee Camp) – Common Censored Podcast #63:

Media Caught In BIG Fake News, Boy Scouts Sex Abuse, Win Over Oil

Redacted Tonight – Published on Jun 14th, 2019 See Also: (Lee Camp) – Huge Boy Scouts Scandal! Also: (Lee Camp) – Leaked Court Docs Upending Brazil! (plus Viewer Questions) Also: (Lee Camp) – Common Censored Podcast #61: Right to Pollute, CA Forest Emergency, & Trump’s

US Still Supporting Saudi War Crimes

Redacted Tonight – Published on Jun 6th, 2019 See Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Facial Recognition Tech Threatens Privacy Rights Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Flint’s Continuing Water Crisis & Criminal Justice Reform In Atlanta

Staged Chemical Weapons Attack – Leaked Report

Redacted Tonight – Published May 30th, 2019 See Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Corps. Funding Attacks On Women Also: (Redacted Tonight) – War Machine Warns of Iran Quagmire, News on Assange, And More Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Raytheon, Pentagon Employees Behind Pro-Coup Protesters

FDA Keeps Deadly Secrets From Us

Redacted Tonight – Published on May 15th, 2019 See Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Embassy Raided By Police & $21 Trillion Pentagon Fraud

5G Wireless Grave Danger To Entire Planet

You can now watch the first 10 mins of Lee Camp’s new comedy special for FREE. Just go to and click play. See Also: (Lee Camp) – Mueller Report Destroys Media Conspiracy Theories

Press Freedom Is Dying

Redacted Tonight – Published April 25th, 2019 See Also: (Redacted Tonight) – Mueller Report Meltdown, Big Pharma CEO’s Arrested, 5G Cellular Dystopia

Abby Martin Covering Attempted Coup in Venezuela (Updated)

Media Roots Radio : US Attacks on Venezuela Shut Down Abby’s “Empire Files” Abby and Robbie break down the evidence pointing to US/Colombian involvement of the assassination attempt against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and how Trump’s latest sanctions have effectively shut down Abby’s investigative TV

Redacted Tonight: ‘The Truth About RT America’

The Department of Justice ordered RT to register as a foreign agent, yet refuses to cite what laws were broken. Furthermore, the government has none nothing to demonstrate how RT journalists are taking orders from the Kremlin, which is what’s required by FARA.