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India Launches Airstrikes Into Pakistan!

Mox News – February 25th, 2019 – World News See Also: (Russia Today) – Site of crashed Indian aircraft allegedly shot down by Pakistan Pakistan’s air force shot down two Indian aircraft after they crossed the boundary between the two nuclear-armed rivals in the disputed

U.S. Government Accidentally Reveals Plans To Arrest Julian Assange!

November 16th, 2018 – Russian News See Also: (Russia Today) – US ‘secretly charged’ Assange, prosecutor accidentally reveals – WikiLeaks Julian Assange has been already charged by the US, but the case will remain sealed until the arrest of the whistleblower, WikiLeaks has revealed citing

Saudi Airstrikes Hit School Bus Packed With Children In Yemen!

August 9th, 2018 – MSM News See Also: (Russia Today) – Dozens of children killed and injured in Saudi airstrike on bus in Yemen A bus carrying children in northern Yemen was attacked on Thursday, hit by an airstrike fired by the Saudi-led coalition. The

DNA Website MyHeritage Hacked; 92 Million User Accounts Exposed

In an odd coincidence, earlier today we asked rhetorically “what could go wrong” if millions of Americans trust a DNA collecting company – in this case – with their genetic code. At almost the exact same time, Bloomberg reported that the Israeli-based consumer genealogy

The Second Amendment And Gun Laws

Published on Jun 5th, 2018 – Gun Laws Stephen Halbrook, an author and gun rights attorney who has successfully argued three gun law cases before the Supreme Court, addressed the Long Island Federalist Society. He talked about the Second Amendment.

Emergency UN Security Council Meeting On Slaughter In Gaza!

May 15th, 2018 – United Nations News See Also: (MoxNews) – BREAKING! NORTH KOREA SUSPENDS PEACE TALKS WITH SOUTH OVER JOINT U.S. WAR GAMES! May 15th, 2018 – MSM News Also: (MoxNews) – Japanese Coverage Of North Korea Suspending Peace Talks With South Korea May

Trump Recruits Zionist Neocon John Bolton for War with Iran

In 2016, I predicted that Trump would bring John Bolton into his administration to prep for war with Iran. I was right. Trump’s administration is completely under the control of the globalists and you have to be blind to not see it. See Also: (MoxNews)

Turkey’s President Accuses United States Of Creating A “Terror Army”

January 15th, 2018 – German News See Also: (Russia Today) – US building ‘army of terror’ on Syrian-Turkish border – Erdogan Turkey said it was unimpressed by US attempts to downplay a planned 30,000-strong, predominantly Kurdish border force in northern Syria. The Turkish foreign minister