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CounterThink with Mike Adams: Stewart Rhodes Interview

Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, joins Mike Adams to discuss the current state of American politics. Oath Keepers is now training patriots to stand against the fascist tactics of the domestic terror group known as ANTIFA.

The Line In The Sand. Period.

Stewart Rhodes the founder of Oath Keepers joins me to talk about the Second Amendment which is the LINE IN THE SAND.

Concealed Carry Recommendations

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, along with other members of the Oath Keepers security team in Sutherland Springs TX, takes a few minutes to go through every day carry methods and some advice on concealed carry for church security as well as the need for

Call To Action: Church Security in Sutherland Springs, TX

On Wed. Nov. 8, Associate Pastor Kevin Cornelius from First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, TX and Pastor Mark Collins (who used to be pastor at the church) reached out to Oath Keepers and asked us to provide security for the church grounds, for the

Oath Keepers Puerto Rico update

The Oath keepers disaster relief team is on the ground in Aguadilla and the surrounding towns. The needs are clear. We need your help. Please donate your time, money, or expertise. Please, don’t stand by and watch the beaurocrats and politicians move like molasses. These

Oath Keeper Call to Action for Puerto Rico Rescue Mission

Oath Keeper President, Stewart Rhodes talks about the greater mission to Puerto Rico and providing security for the doctors and medics of Third Wave Volunteers. See Also: (OathKeepers) – Oath Keepers Helping Florida With Disaster Relief Recovery Published on Oct 1, 2017

A Dynamic Speech By Stewart Rhodes

The President and Founder of the Oath Keepers gives his speech at the April 27, Free Speech rally in Berkeley California. Thanks to the vigilence of the Oath Keepers, the rally stayed a rally and didn’t turn into the Battle of Berkeley 4.0 The Oath