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PROOF: The Syria “Withdrawal” Plan Was A Ruse For MORE War!

On Wednesday December 19th President Trump declared that ISIS was defeated in Syria…his only reason for being there during the Trump administration. But is this just history repeating itself where a puppet president grandstands and makes claims that may or may not be true? Indeed

Global 5G WIFI IS Coming – What You NEED To Know!

A global wifi network is currently being implemented that will one day be inescapable. This global wifi network will track the “internet of things” while also monitoring every aspects of our lives for the purposes of control. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For

These TEN Things I Hold To Be TRUE – Allow Me To Explain!

In this video I am going to make ten statements that I hold to be true followed by a brief explanation explaining my position on each statement to encourage a rational debate in an effort to better understand one another and the problems the we

BREAKING: ARREST Made In Connection With Suspicious FAKE BOMB Plot

An arrest has been made in connection with a string of suspicious pipe bombs that were sent to various influential democrats and critics of Donald Trump! Cesar Sayoc was known to the authorities, he already has a criminal background involving destructive devices and, we’re told


Make no mistake about it They. Will. Use. This. To. Shut. Us. Down! Breaking news reports are now confirming that the latest targets of the mid term mail bomber are former Vice President Joe Biden and Hollywood film star Robert DiNiro. None of the devices

The Attempted BOMBING of GEORGE SOROS – What You NEED To Know!

An explosive device has been found in the mailbox of billionaire activist and major donor of leftist causes George Soros in an apparent assassination attempt on his life….or was it? One of Soros’s employees found a suspicious package in the mailbox and opened it, finding

LEGALIZED In Canada But There Is A Catch!

In this video, we give you the latest breaking news on the legalized milestone that Canada just reached but there is a catch. As well as how Monsanto and Coca Cola plan to take advantage of this moment.

BREAKING NEWS! Total Online Censorship Is Here

In this video, Luke and of WeAreChange are joined by Dan Dicks whose Press For Truth Facebook page was taken down abruptly amongst over 800 others without warning! It seems that total online censorship is here.

Post Ottawa/Toronto Trip – LIVE with Press For Truth (AMA)

Today on Press For Truth Live Dan Dicks along with co host Leigh Stuart will be discussing their recent coverage in Ottawa and Toronto where they interviewed the leader of The People’s Party Of Canada Maxime Bernier, they also went to the Canadian Forces Station

Google HUB And Facebook PORTAL Make Orwell’s 1984 A REALITY!

In George Orwell’s novel 1984 massive devices called telescreens were installed in every home allowing the government to monitor the activities of the household while having the capabilities of communicating with anyone they feel is getting out of line. Today this has become a reality

Ontario’s SEX ED Curriculum Is Keeping It OLD SCHOOL!

When it comes to the class room and teaching kids about sex many Ontario parents want to keep it old school when it comes to the curriculum. Under Premier Doug Ford, Ontario elementary schools have scrapped the modernized sex ed curriculum and instead, they’re using

MAXIME BERNIER on Press For Truth THIS Is The Real MAD MAX!

The leader of Canada’s newest political party Maxime Bernier of The People’s Party Of Canada is shaking things up in Ottawa! The rogue MP launched his own effort to defeat Trudeau in 2019 by announcing his withdrawal from the Conservative party and launching his own

We NEED To Talk About 911 – LIVE with Press For Truth (AMA)

Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of the September 11th 2001 attacks that changed the world as we know it! Many questions from victims family members still remain to this day about the official narrative that has been given to them by the government. In this


Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy vows to Make Toronto Safe Again if elected mayor of Toronto in the upcoming election. This outspoken critic of the liberal governments immigration policy has drawn criticism from the far left for being so called “Islamaphobic” which we at PFT

Canada’s Next Big Move

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Canada’s next move with legalization and Justin Trudeau the Prime minister of Canada land. Trudeau’s spats with Donald Trump and the future social-economic outlook for that country.

FASCISM Actually = Authoritarian NATIONALISM! What You NEED To Know!

Being a “Fascist” is a term often slung around by both the “tolerant left” and the “alt right” when describing the ideologies of their political enemies…but can that really be an accurate accusation when opposing sides are using the same term against each other? What

Things Are CHANGING In Ontario Under DOUG FORD In A MAJOR Way!

FordNation seems to be killing it in Ontario! Doug Ford, the brother of the late crack smoking mayor of Toronto Rob Ford has filled his brothers shoes and he’s on a mission to fix all the problems created under the previous Kathleen Wynne government. In


Regardless of what you think of the man this recent internet purge of Alex Jones by the major tech companies is wrong on every level and it needs to be rejected and exposed for the sake of free speech, freedom and liberty. This blatant attack

“If You’re WHITE You Must Be RACIST” – Leftist Logic EXPOSED!

“Dumbass f**king white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.” – Sarah Jeong The New York Times Newest editorial board member Sarah Jeong has apparently had a few choice words targeting the white race on her twitter account…”Are

A.I on The Blockchain: Next Stage In ELIMINATING Government!

The world of blockchain tech and the world of A.I are coming together whether you like it our not. In the near future both A.I and blockchain tech will have merged into a world changing relationship. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth

G7 Summit Wrap Up With All Eyebrows On Trudeau

The G7 summit has come to a close with all eyes on Justin Trudeau as he scrambles to save face in the midst of launching a potential trade war. Trudeau also tries to justify the 600 million Canadian tax payers dollars that was a spent

Media Mogal Mathias Döpfner Confronted At Bilderberg 2018

Massive media mogul confronted at Bilderberg! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth chased down Mathias Döpfner a popular media mogul and head of one of Germany’s largest media publication companies to ask him about transparency among the group and the “post truth

What’s the Vatican Doing At Bilderberg, DETAINED 2X’s

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange gives you the latest breaking news on Cardinal Pietro Parolin the secretary of state for the Vatican appearing at the secret society Bilderberg Group 2018 meeting in Turin Italy. Dan Dicks of Press For Truth discuss our efforts

Dan Dicks Has Been Detained at Bilderberg 2018

See Also: (Press For Truth) – Detained By Italian Police While Questioning The Prime Minister Of Serbia – This Is Bilderberg 2018! Dan Dicks was detained by the Italian police while filming at a private airport in Italy where members of the Bilderberg group were

Mainstream Media Outlets Finally Starting To Cover Bilderberg!

The Russian media agency “Izvestia” is the biggest media outlet in all of Russia which includes 4 TV-channels (Ren TV, 5 Channel, 78 Channel, IZ Channel), 4 websites (,,, and the oldest newspaper “Izvestia” with an audience of 30 million viewers. They

Bilderberg 2018 Agenda And Participants List Revealed!

The 2018 Bilderberg conference is underway and they have released their official list of this years participants and the agenda. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down some of the notable attendees while also going over the topics on the agenda

What To Expect From The G7 Summit in Quebec

Trump’s trade tariffs on steel and aluminum has put the Canadian finance minister on edge as they meet this week in Whistler BC ahead of next weeks official G7 summit in Quebec. The summit is already shaping up to be a security nightmare as the

The Canadian Economy Is About To Crash And Burn!

It’s not looking good for the Canadian economy! One third of Canadian business directors expect the Canadian economy to get much worse in 2018. Political squabbles, rising interest rates and uncertainty surrounding NAFTA talks are dampening Canada’s business outlook. We are heading towards a crisis

Bilderberg 2018 And The Agenda For A One World Government

Bilderberg 2018 will be held in Turin Italy from June 7th to the 10th. Every year since 1954 the group has met with the strict instructions to their attendees that they must not openly talk about anything that was discussed at the meeting. These meetings

The Truth About Spotify The ADL And The SPLC

Music censorship just got radicalized by the left as Spotify announces new hate content and hateful conduct public policy! The music industry just took a major turn for the worst as Spotify, a streaming service that is becoming very popular around the world, reportedly growing

Bilderberg/G7 2018 – Press For Truth Live AMA

In this live broadcast Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth talk about the upcoming Bilderberg conference in Italy and the G7 summit coming to Quebec while taking questions from the chat and steemit post.

#WelcomeToCanada Isn’t Aging Well

“Diversity is our strength” will go down as one of the greatest blunders from a Canadian Prime Minister in the history of this country. At Roxem road near the border in Quebec the number of illegal boarder crossings has risen to approximately 400 per day

This Is What They Don’t Want You To Know About Syria

We are being lied to about the real agenda for Syria and the middle east. The truth is this is a decades old plan being carried out with the sole purpose of regime change and control of the entire region. As more bombs continue to

Check Your White Privilege! Press For Truth Live AMA

In this live broadcast Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth break down some of the latest news of the day while taking questions from the chat and steemit post See Also: (Press for Truth) – White Privilege Debunked! Ryerson University Conference Exposed!