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What Christians Aren’t Taught About Zionism

Reallygraceful – An overview of lessons not taught in government schools or churches See Also: (Reallygraceful) – What The Media Won’t Tell You About the Maui Fires Putting all parts of the series together in one video for better understanding. This video covers underreported or

Something Strange Happening in USA…(always)

Reallygraceful – June 15th, 2023 See Also: (Reallygraceful) – meanwhile in california… Discussing California AB 957 …what do you think internet friends? Also: (Reallygraceful) – Dark Clouds over America: the Weekly Wrap-Up There’s some new stuff in this video, but mainly it’s a wrap-up of

The TRUTH about the Gates Family

Reallygraceful – January 17th, 2023 See Also: (Reallygraceful) – Bill on His Farmland Ownership Also: (Reallygraceful) – I AM SO MOVED (tears…money printer goes brrr) Also: (Reallygraceful) – Predictions for the USA in 2023

The Fall of Sam Bankman Fried and Rise of CBDC

Reallygraceful – November 18th, 2022 – A Weekly Wrap Up Video See Also: (Reallygraceful) – The Strange Connections of Sam Bankman-Fried & FTX Also: (Reallygraceful) – What the Media Won’t Tell You About Sam Bankman-Fried/FTX Also: (Reallygraceful) – Don’t Let Them ERASE This from History!

Have You Forgotten 2020? – The Game’s Afoot: Episode 4

Remember when the most effective psychological operation in modern history occurred in tandem with the controlled demolition of our economy…? Well, it seems like many have forgotten, because we’ve just moved on as a society like nothing happened, the arrows in the grocery store aisles

What the Media Won’t Tell You About KING CHARLES III

Reallygraceful – After Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Prince Charles became King Charles III, and even if you aren’t under the crown, here are the things you need to know about him! Here’s what the media won’t tell you about King Charles III. Part 2 This

Something Strange is Happening in New York City

Documenting all the strangeness of the New York City Emergency Broadcast PSA’s and advertisements for tap water by the New York City Mayor Eric Adams. See Also: (Really Graceful) – BOOM! Georgia Guidestones Struck Down Developing story of Georgia Guidestones partial collapse…

The Food Processing Plant Masterlist (2021-2022)

A masterlist of food processing plant events and oddities from 2021-2022 EVERYONE WATCHING THIS IS CAPABLE OF DISCERNMENT I did not include the 90+ item list that has been circulating on social media because some of the dates on it are FALSE…a lot of it

Food Processing Plants…Still a Coincidence?

This is a follow-up to the video I made in April about the strange events happening at food processing plants in the United States. This video catalogues more events that have occurred since April 2022 and questions politifact’s most recent fact-check report on this topic.

They Admit THIS is Coming…

In the past week, President Joe Biden and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau have admitted that food shortages are around the corner. In this video, I lay the groundwork for how these shortages came about, the strange coincidences surrounding supply chain issues, and how famine lends

An Entire Generation of Women on Birth Control

“an entire generation of women was prescribed birth control from the age of 14 for acne and irregular periods and now that same generation is dealing with PCOS, hormonal imbalances, depression, and infertility” This tweet went viral, and in this podcast episode, we’re going to

Is the Supply Chain Being Sabotaged?

Hey internet friends–in this video, we take a look at all this news regarding supply chain disruptions and wonder, “is the supply chain being sabotaged?” See Also: (Really Graceful) – THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION…the game’s afoot Also: (Really Graceful) – WHAT THE MEDIA WON’T


Reallygraceful – September 2nd, 2021 – In this video, we discuss a judge’s recent custody verdict, as well as his retraction. See Also: (Reallygraceful) – America in 2021: Everything is Accelerating…. Cataloging the madness…I mean *cough* the progress. Also: (Reallygraceful) – The white house says

The script has been released for door-to-door knockers…

KNOCK KNOCK, WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR ABOUT OUR LORD AND SAVIOR–Now that the script has been released, are you ready for these folks to knock on your door? See Also: (Really Graceful) – America in 2021: We’re Being Distracted From Something HUGE In this

Lumber Prices…Why Is No One Talking About This?

This video highlights all sides of the story about soaring lumber prices and the implications. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Lunatics are running the asylum Also: (Really Graceful) – Mother shares her experience giving birth in a hospital in 2021 Also: (Really Graceful) – Just

GAMESTOP PEASANT REVOLT 2021 EXPLAINED: reddit vs. wall street

Explaining the GameStop-stock market situation in 5 minutes. #stonks​ #gamestop See Also: (Really Graceful) – Trust WHAT Plan? What plan are we supposed to be trusting? Where do we go from here? In this video, I talk about the newest technocratic passports and why we

Red Pill Your Friends: 2020 in Review

Red Pill Your Friends Vol 3 is about the crazy, wild ride that’s been 2020. The video begins with the tale of the Emperor’s New Clothes. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Children of the Great Reset This video is one of the last projects my

Red Pill Your Friends: Hollywood

Red Pill Your Friends Vol. 2 is about the inner-workings of Hollywood, Disney, Netflix, and news media–particularly the blurred lines between corporations, governments, and entertainment. (If you’re reading this, I’m on maternity leave, but I’ll be back soon!)

Red Pill Your Friends: The Human Farmers

Red Pill Your Friends Vol 1 is about the manipulation of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the remedies we take when we’re feeling ill, and our current status as the human guinea pigs of the world. (If you’re reading this, I’m on

The Never-Ending List of Hypocrisy

This video is about how people who create and enforce the laws are rarely the ones who follow them, mainly focusing on examples throughout November.

The Show Must Go On…

In this video, I share an uplifting story–uplifting stories have become rarities in 2020. Then, I circle back to the Axios article I discussed last week, posing the question, will 2020 ever end?

Are You Ready for a “Dark Winter”?

This video is about the manufacturing of reality, courtesy of the final authority on truth: the media. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Here’s What’s Going Down on Election Night 2020 This video is me reading articles from the New York Times and Axios about bread

Authoritarian Hellscape

In this video, I talk about the responsibility of the individual, discussing the quote “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty,” by using a viral video of a son being reprimanded for comforting his mother as the main example. See Also: (ReallyGraceful) – Twitter’s New

So You Wanna Take Down the Deep State?

This video is about the weakest link of the deep state: one unsuspecting individual who spent decades constructing his squeaky clean persona. Today we’re aiming straight for the Achilles heel of the deep state: Mitt Romney.

I am not your human guinea pig!

Today we’re going to playing CONNECT THE DOTS, covering a mysterious Rockefeller Foundation document from 10 years ago, outlining the “Lockstep” plan without falling into the obvious traps laid out in regards to misinformation, then I’ll be moving on to a curious facebook post by

They’re Relying on You to OBEY

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but it’s okay to say no. Many of us feel uncomfortable saying no, because we’re afraid of conflict, we’re afraid of standing out from the crowd, because we grow up well-behaved and compliant and we place value

The Most IMPORTANT History Lesson Americans Were Never Taught

Please share if you enjoyed the video! This video is about the most pivotal year in American history: 1871, and how a piece of legislation from that year totally transformed the United States, creating a domino effect of events that have led us to this


This video is about the popular app, TikTok, and the ban of it that is supposed to occur over the weekend. More specifically, this video is about the details of this ban that no one is talking about, and ultimately asking the question: what are

AMERICA: Would you notice if you lived under tyranny?

This video poses a question, going through the major themes of George Orwell’s 1984, the stages of ideological subversion, and connecting a work of fiction to the events of the present. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Living in the Golden Age of Fact-Checking Hey internet

When You Weren’t Looking, Billionaires Did THIS…

This video documents the earnings of prominent billionaires since March 2020, the departure of major CEOs over the last year, and asks questions about the future. See Also: (Really Graceful) – Did Bill Gates Disappear? Did Bill Gates Disappear? What’s he been up to these

Will You Submit to the ‘New Normal’?

This video covers the strange events that have been taking place over the last week, between the burning of the baconators to the current state of the new normal, and what awaits for us in fall…and there’s also a little bonus story at the end.

Something Strange Is Happening in Seattle

Really Graceful – This video covers the strange events that have been taking place in Seattle, Washington over the last week. See Also: (Really Graceful) – defund the police? In this video, we talk about what the movement for defunding the po-po really means, using

I was too easy on Bill

In this video, I cover who Bill was AFTER Microsoft–this includes biographical information as well as philanthropic achievements. Sources are always pinned as top comment.

Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?

This is a video about philanthropic billionaire, Bill Gates. We go into his family history, his early childhood, education, extracurriculars, and time at Harvard to answer the question “Who was Bill Gates before Microsoft?” See Also: (Really Graceful) – The Richest Family in America You’ve

While We Were PANICKING, the Government Did THIS…

This video is about the bipartisan EARN IT bill, introduced by senators Lindsey Graham and Richard Blumenthal. The EARN IT bill had its first hearing on March 12, 2020 and aims to allow the government to scan any and all messages online, eventually eliminating end-to-end

Sodom & Gomorrah: LOSERS HISTORY Episode 2

The second episode of LOSERS HISTORY introduces us to a rather degenerate variety of losers, the losers of Sodom and Gomorrah, and we discuss the cycle of decadence, decay, and destruction written in the book of Genesis, take a closer look at the story of

Is Trump the Last President?

This video is a deep dive into the world of Ingersoll Lockwood, and American lawyer and writer, his collection of curious works, and their parallels to the current political “reality” of the United States, and more specifically, their implications–ultimately asking: What is destiny, and can

“They Poisoned Me” | LOSERS HISTORY

Losers History | Episode 1: Stanley Meyer Hey internet friends! Welcome to the very first episode of Losers History. We’ve all heard that history is written by the victors, and a good chunk of what we learn from our public school education system is weaponized

The REAL White Devil 🍭

“The Real White Devil” is a mini-documentary about the evolution of the American diet, particularly focusing on the last fifty years, detailing the rise of added sugars and processed foods, the correlation between the introduction and widespread use of high fructose corn syrup alongside rising

We’re ALL Being Groomed

“We are ALL Being Groomed” is a video intended for educational purposes regarding the commandeering of human potential. This video covers a summer camp for gifted children, takes a closer look at the famous alumni, who they connected with thereafter, and the effects of these

The Forgotten Tunnels Under Washington D.C…(bizarre)

This video is about Washington DC’s mole man, Dr. Harrison Dyar, and the tunnels he dug over the span of twenty years. What do we know about this Smithsonian bug man aside from his scandalous personal life and his favorite way to pass the time?

All US Presidents Related to this One King? | SELECTED or ELECTED?

In a post-American revolution society, it would seem like the divine rights of kings would be a distant memory, but is the reality really so? Do certain bloodlines still hold power within our current government system? And if all US presidents are somehow united in

What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube

Who created YouTube? What was Google’s role in developing the second largest search engine? “What the Media Won’t Tell You About YouTube” is a short documentary detailing the history of YouTube and the information surrounding its latest actions towards creators.

What the Media Won’t Tell You About FRANCE

What the Media Won’t Tell You About FRANCE is a mini-documentary intended for educational purposes detailing the history of France, connecting the past to present events…which the media leaves a breadcrumb trail of, but never provides the entire baguette all at once.

Something Strange Is Happening to Our DNA

At the beginning of 2019, it was reported that over 26 million individuals had taken an at-home DNA test, but the companies seeking to profit off of the most unique thing about us still remain largely a mystery. So who are the two superpowers harvesting

Americans MUST watch! The Suppressed History of the United States

“Americans MUST watch: the Suppressed History of the United States” is a collection of videos I’ve uploaded on my channel previously, all of which have stood alone to tell the forgotten and often times hidden history of America, but in this video, I’ve merged them

The DARK HISTORY of the SUPER BOWL | reallygraceful

“The Dark History of the Super Bowl” takes a deep dive into the origins of the big game: The word “entertainment” can be traced back to old French and Latin with its roots meaning “to hold” and “to keep someone in a certain frame of

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Public School | a reallygraceful documentary

In this mini-documentary about public school funding, I discuss the history of compulsory schooling, the corporations who have channeled billions of dollars into the public school system under the guise of philanthropy, and how that philanthropy has influenced legislation that’s resulted in a government monopoly

The Mystery of the Illuminati Card Game – Reallygraceful

This is a mini-documentary about the mysterious Illuminati card game, covering the game’s history, examining the background of the game maker, reviewing the events depicted on the card faces, and finally, posing this question: Are the characters, events, and agendas portrayed through the Illuminati card

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Ebola | reallygraceful

In this mini-documentary about the Ebola, I discuss what the media won’t tell us about the virus by examining Ebola’s history and the media coverage of recent and current epidemics, focusing not only on the information being propagated but also on the information being suppressed.

Destroying the Georgia Guidestones

In this mini-documentary about the Georgia Guidestones, I travel to the eerie monument to uncover the story behind America’s Stonehenge, the true identity of R.C. Christian, and find out the true mystery behind the Georgia Guidestones in Elberton, Georgia—the granite capitol of the world.

If You Want a Family One Day, You Need to See This

Experts are “baffled” as to why fertility rates have plummeted in the United States. If we examine the events of the past that played a role in the destruction of the family unit, and connect those events to low birth rates and widespread infertility of