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The Secret Source Of All Of Our Energy Needs

Rob Dew interviews Nick Begich and they talk about what is currently going on with the oil industry and how it is creating jobs. They also analyze solar energy and zinc mining, as well as what is going on in Alaska…

Why We Need More CO2 Than Ever

Rob Dew discusses the science that shows we’re actually headed towards a period of great global cooling, potentially sending us into another minor ice age. An increase in CO2 could possibly prevent the Earth from cooling too rapidly.

Official 2017 Fake News Awards (Full Show)

Infowars reporters and Owen Shroyer and Rob Dew host the 2017 FAKE NEWS awards show called for by Donald Trump in a tweet on Nov 27th. See Also: (Infowars) – FAIL: Keith Olbermann’s ‘Resistance’ Throws In The Towel For Fighting Against Trump Alex Jones presents

How To Recognize War Propaganda

That Was Then and This Is Now. Infowars looks at Gulf War propaganda compared to today’s establishment push to go to war with Syria and Russia.