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The Secret ‘Corona-Thrax’ Project & The Impending Bio False Flag

The Last American Vagabond – October 1st, 2020 See Also: (TLAV) – US Airstrikes On Iraq, WEF’s 2030 Vision Of YOUR life, MP Urges Mandatory Vaccines/Digital Passports Also: (TLAV) – NIH & HHS Now Directly Funding COVID-19 Tracking/Predictive Tools & The ‘Dark Winter’ Psyop Also:

The BlackRock Take Over Of America, Brought To You By COVID-19

The Last American Vagabond – This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 6/15. See Also: (TLAV) – Pentagon To Use US Tax Dollars To Bail Out Weapons Manufacturers While American Medical Bills Soar Also: (TLAV) – New Research Suggests COVID-19 Was Here Long

The Biodefense Illusion & The Final Push For Technocratic Control

The Last American Vagabond – May 22nd, 2020 See Also: (TLAV) – Israel Uses COVID To Further Infiltrate US Cybersecurity & US Gov Sets Fire To Wheat Crops In Syria Also: (TLAV) – Bob Langer The Coronavirus “Common Denominator” Tied To Charles Lieber & Israel’s

Exposing The Real Epstein Cover-Up & How Deep It Goes

The Last American Vagabond – April 17th, 2020 See Also: (TLAV) – Meet The Companies Poised To Build The Kushner-Backed “Coronavirus Surveillance System” Also: (TLAV) – The US Government History Of Secret Bio-Testing On Americans & Foreign Nations Alike, Is Undeniable Also: (TLAV) – From