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Americans Now DRAINING Retirement Accounts to Pay Medical Bills

Americans are increasingly withdrawing cash from their retirement savings to manage housing and medical expenses, with recent data from Fidelity Investments showing a notable rise in hardship withdrawals and loans against 401(k) accounts. In this detailed video, we examine the trend where 2.3% of workers

Why EVERYONE is Wrong This Time on Inflation and Will Pay the Price

The Money GPS – November 16th, 2023 See Also: (MGPS) – Warren Buffett Has Been SELLING Stocks for Months Also: (MGPS) – Every Company Just Began Major Layoffs and It Won’t Stop Also: (MGPS) – HACKED: World’s Biggest Bank Crippled Was Hiding Something Also: (MGPS)

Just the Start of the Mass Layoffs

The banking sector is witnessing a significant wave of job reductions, marking an end to a three-year pause. Look at Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and basically every other bank getting crushed in their stocks. In Canada, leading banks such as Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, and

Your Dollars are About to Be Devalued Worse than 1930’s – Explained

Wall Street is currently anticipating a substantial increase in borrowing requirements from the U.S. Treasury. Major financial institutions, including JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche Bank, are predicting that the Treasury will need to borrow approximately $1.5 trillion over the fourth quarter of 2023 and the initial

Israel At War – You’ll Be Shocked By Who Started Hamas

The Israeli city of Gaza experienced significant in response to a previous sudden by Hamas, which resulted in numerous casualties. This recent eruption of violence is among the gravest seen in years. Following the issue, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu expressed commitment to deliver a strong

Investors Race To New Trend Before It’s Too Late | BoA Warns Watch Out!

In today’s evolving stock market landscape, investors are grappling with numerous influencing factors – from AI to earnings recessions and broad economic shifts. This video delves into the current financial scenario, unraveling insights for investors. First, we explore how AI has been wielding a significant

U.S. Just Lost Big Time – What This Means For You

Russia’s exports of crude oil have now surpassed the volumes hit before its invasion of Ukraine. China and India account for roughly 90% of Russia’s seaborne crude exports, Kpler data shows. With Europe largely out of the picture, the two countries are each buying 1.5

This Goes WAY Beyond What You Were Told | CBDC Hidden Connections

The Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) Launches an International Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) Today, at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spring Meetings 2023, the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA) announced their official launch of an international central bank digital currency (CBDC) that strengthens the

Banking Meltdown as Fed Now Creating Massive Dollar Devaluation Scheme!

Fed to Consider a Pause as Fallout From SVB Roils Markets UK, Switzerland, Norway, Nigeria, Philippines may hike Brazil and Turkey will probably hold rates this week The financial system has been dealing with many problems lately, making the markets unpredictable and unsure. The recent

China’s Trillion Dollar Debt BOMB – Why Things Just Got Very Messy

The United States, China, and the European Union (EU) are three of the most influential economic powers in the world. However, their relationship has been anything but friendly in recent years. Economic hostility and instability have reached record high, creating a “U.S.-China-EU Crisis Triangle.” At

Bailouts Begin as Fed Preparing To Massively Devalue Currency

Ladies and gentlemen, we are witnessing a historic moment in the world of finance. The collapse of 3 banks in one week has sent shockwaves around the world. The question on everyone’s mind is, what happens next? Is this the beginning of the next financial

You Must Understand THIS About Inflation – Time Running Out Fast

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Incoming Tsunami of Cash Beyond ANYTHING We’ve Ever Seen

The economy is reliant on debt but the financial system would literally collapse without a continual increase. QT or Quantitative Tightening is the process of shrinking the amount of assets held by the central banks. The buyers of last resort. This is a key indicator

U.S. Dollar Going Up Until Middle Class Disappears | EXPLAINED

Economy is slowing globally, cuts and shortages of energy and food becoming more apparent, rising interest rates in response to higher inflation. We have to understand what our future is and what we’re going to do about it. Interest rates and mortgage rates are climbing

China Sends Warning Signal To Ukraine! Media Won’t Cover It

“With the current grim security situation in #Ukraine, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chinese Embassy in Ukraine on Sat urge Chinese citizens in the country to enhance safety precautions and evacuate. The Embassy will assist in organizing the evacuation of people in need. Economy

I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This | Central Banks Are FINISHED

Economy is slowing globally, cuts and shortages of energy and food becoming more apparent, rising interest rates in response to higher inflation. We have to understand what our future is and what we’re going to do about it. Interest rates and mortgage rates are climbing

Mass Layoffs Have Begun Everywhere | Powell Admits Hard Landing!

The Money GPS See Also: (TMGPS) – Global Investors Rushing To Safety HERE! Also: (TMGPS) – Recession MUST Happen in 1 Year or What’s Coming is Worse Also: (TMGPS) – The First Time This Has Ever Happened Also: (TMGPS) – Major Deflationary Tsunami Has Begun

The First Time This Has Ever Happened

The Money GPS See Also: (TMGPS) – U.S. Dollar Rapidly Trying To Prevent Japan Currency Collapse Also: (TMGPS) – Fed Gets Caught | Major Event IMMINENT Also: (TMGPS) – Titanic Level Debt Fiasco Emerging NOW

Recession and Food Shortage Now Overshadow Market Crash

The Money GPS See Also: (TMGPS) – The Fed Just *CRUSHED* the Economy Stagflation coming. With inflation going wild, many are still unable to pay their debt. The cost of goods is accelerating faster than their ability to earn. The real estate sector is on

ALERT: Military Site and Chemical Plant BURN DOWN in Russia!

The Money GPS – April 22nd, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – There Will NOT Be Enough Affordable Food – Prepare For Chaos Also: (TMGPS) – I Can’t Believe It – Oil Will DOUBLE Overnight Also: (TMGPS) – Biggest Move This Century! I’ve Never Seen *This*

Goldman Sachs Just SOLD Billions in Stocks… *AGAIN*

The Money GPS – April 14th, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – 80% of People Can NEVER Retire Also: (TMGPS) – Global Synchronization Just Happened! Also: (TMGPS) – Something Just Broke… Also: (TMGPS) – Protect Yourself From Inflation | DO THIS NOW Also: (TMGPS) – THIS

I Will Show You EXACTLY Why Markets Fall

The Money GPS – January 23rd, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – Everything You Need To Know About the Stock Market THIS WEEK Also: (TMGPS) – Stock Market Collapse Sell All My Stocks and Crypto?!

Do Not Ignore What’s Happening Right Now

The Money GPS – January 22nd, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – Trillions Disappear. Poof. Gone. Also: (TMGPS) – Food Shortages and Major Inflationary Spiral Also: (TMGPS) – Goldman Sachs Sold BILLIONS in Stocks Also: (TMGPS) – The Biggest Twist in 2022 Also: (TMGPS) – BIGGER

Scared Money is FLEEING

The Money GPS – January 14th, 2022 See Also: (The Money GPS) – Time To HOARD Food Also: (The Money GPS) – Fastest U-Turn in History Could Spark the Next Recession Also: (The Money GPS) – Why This is A Once A Generation Event

THESE 3 Things Will Happen in 2022

The Money GPS – January 10th, 2022 See Also: (TMGPS) – This Has Never Happened To Bitcoin Also: (TMGPS) – Why 2022 Could Be Like A Ticket on the Titanic Also: (TMGPS) – Credit Card Debt Skyrockets As Stimulus Runs Out! Also: (TMGPS) – The

Gerald Celente: My Money Is Completely Out of the Banks!

The Money GPS with Gerald Celente – December 5th, 2021 See Also: (TMGPS) – China’s Biggest Problem Just Got Much Worse Also: (TMGPS) – The Bond Market Is Screaming WATCH OUT Also: (TMGPS) – Once the Currency Collapses, the Next Step Begins Also: (TMGPS) –

We Haven’t Seen Anything Like This Since 1920’s

The Money GPS – December 3rd, 2021 See Also: (TMGPS) – The Market Going INSANE as Insiders Sell Record $69 Billion of Stock Also: (TMGPS) – The Fed Just Flipped Also: (TMGPS) – The Next 2 Weeks Will Be Very Volatile

The Rapid Fall of the Dollar and Why They Can’t Admit It

The Money GPS – November 18th, 2021 See Also: (TMGPS) – Ignore This At Your Own Risk Also: (TMGPS) – The Big Short Michael Burry NUKES His Portfolio The Big Short Michael Burry was talking about inflation and hyperinflation. He made bets against Tesla and

THIS Just Happened in China!

The U.S. consumer is maxed out. They need more stimulus in order to continue this economy. And of course, stocks need their artificial boost as well. The U.S. consumer is maxed out. Consumer sentiment is down heavily. Real estate continues to increase in price right

Lebanon Crisis Mass Power Outages A Warning of Global Event

The Money GPS – October 10th, 2021 See Also: (TMGPS) – Consumers SHOCKED By What Happened as Chaos Unfolds Also: (TMGPS) – U.S. Grid Down This Winter? Also: (TMGPS) – REVEALED: Who The Fed Gave Money To During Repo Crisis in 2019 Also: (TMGPS) –

The Breaking Point Has Arrived

The Money GPS – October 5th, 2021 See Also: (TMGPS) – Economic Fallout and the Inevitable Storm! Investors Ride the Inflation Wave Also: (TMGPS) – Investors Squeezed as Fed Taper Looms! Will Portfolios Be Crushed? Also: (TMGPS) – China Corporate Debt Defaults Trigger Concerns of

Every Domino Will Fall. Mass Debt Breakdown and the Global Cascade

The Money GPS – December 27th, 2019 See Also: (The Money GPS) – Vanguard and Guggenheim Warn of 2020 Extraordinary Market SHOCK! Also: (TMGPS) – Global Freight Collapse, Real Economic MELTDOWN Continues! What Really Going On? Also: (TMGPS) – Fed Quietly Masking Extent of Efforts

The Fed Is About To Unleash the Biggest LIQUIDITY FLOOD In History!

The Money GPS – Published on Jun 23rd, 2019 See Also: (TMGPS) – Italy Moves Ahead With PARALLEL CURRENCY Plans! Will They ABANDON the Euro? Also: (TMGPS) – Credit Card and Student Loan Debt Magnify the American Economic Downward Spiral! Also: (TMGPS) – Global Economic

Could THIS Be the Trigger For the Next Financial Crisis?

The Money GPS – Published on Jun 10th, 2019 See Also: (TMGPS) – I Gave Up TV and THIS Is What Happened Also: (TMGPS) – 30% of Americans Need Second Job Just To Pay Their Bills! Economic Slowdown Also: (TMGPS) – Billionaires Are Buying GOLD