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Democrat-Ripping Cartoon Shows No Freakin’ Mercy

High Impact Flix – November 14th, 2019 See Also: (HIF) – Impeachment Hearing HIGHLIGHTS: “A Carefully Orchestrated Media Smear Campaign” Hearings began TODAY (Nov. 13,2019) on Capitol Hill as corrupt “law”makers consider whether to impeach Trump for what Democrats say was “an effort to use

New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Dramatically Escalates The Culture War

UPDATE: After the filming of this video Facebook REMOVED The exemption for breaking the law. The Policy will still ban Antifa however.… New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Allows People To Literally Break The Law. Facebook issues “clarifications” to its new content guidelines

Antifa: A History of Violence

Lift the Veil – Streamed live on Jul 1st, 2019 See Also (Lift The Veil) – Court to Unseal Epstein Docs – World Leaders Will Be Exposed Also (Lift The Veil) – Tim Pool Is Wrong – YouTube Is Suppressing His Channel & Others #ProjectVeritas

Trump Slams Google As Veritas Censorship Controversy Escalates

Donald Trump made a statement in the early morning regarding the Veritas censorship expose. He called for Google and Facebook to be sued for political bias and censorship against conservatives. Before this the press had been largely silent on the issue but with Trump comments

New Law Would End Social Media Censorship, Big Tech Is Outraged

Josh Hawley, a republican, has proposed a new law that would remove section 230 protections from big tech giants under certain circumstances. Naturally many of these companies are outraged and demand to have it both ways. They want to have the right to control who

Vox Adpocalypse Call For Censorship BACKFIRED Against The Left

After Carlos Maza of Vox demanded censorship of Steven Crowder Youtube announced new rules that resulted in the banning and censorship of teachers, journalists, and activists. While Crowder was penalized with demonetization the truth is that Crowder was already basically mass demonetized anyway. In the

Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle

UPDATE: The Mass Censorship has dramatically escalated after the publishing of this video. Stay Tuned For An Update at at 6pm Mass Censorship Hits Youtube In Wake Of The Vox Steven Crowder Battle. Following Youtube’s defense of Steven Crowder they announced a mass purge

CNN and MSNBC Bias Is So Bad Reporters BANNED From Appearing

Credibility Shot As Reporters BANNED From Appearing On CNN And MSNBC. In a surprising turn The New York Times has banned its staff from appearing on CNN and MSNBC shows, specifically Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence O’Donnell over the shows being “too partisan.” CNN

Media Takes 4Chan Bait, Runs Hashtag Hoax Story

Media Takes 4Chan Bait, Runs Hashtag Hoax Story. Every time 4chan decides to implement some hoax the media decides to run with it. They claim the far right is out there and 11 million people are a part of it. In reality its maybe a

CNN Announces Layoffs While Ratings Continue To Plummet

Just a few weeks ago CNN’s Brian Stelter claimed there would be no layoffs but we did see buyouts at CNN. Over 100 employees, even an executive, took the offer to leave the network. But of course the layoffs were imminent and now we are

Facebook Censorship BACKFIRED, Major Brands FLEE Platform

As Predicted Facebook Censorship Is DESTROYING The Company. CrossFit just announced they are shuttering their Facebook and instagram due to censorship. Facebook recently banned on of their affiliate pages without reason or warning. They go on to cite other unethical behavior facebook has engaged in

Leftist Celebrity Activism Is A Lie, Exposing The Hypocrisy

Recently on MSNBC Actor Jeff Daniels was promoting a play on Broadway and went on to disparage Trump and his supporters. But Why? Why should we care about a leftist celebrity opinion on the president? Why is he even talking about it? Because he is

The Chinese Style Social Credit Nightmare Is Already Here

In China you can be banned from high paying jobs, banned form trains and planes, you can have your personal dial tone give a warning that you are not to be trusted. These same types of restrictions are already here in the US and The

Leftist Activists Have Taken Over Journalism, Here Is Your Proof

Journalists working with mainstream outlets routinely use the threat of bad press to force companies into taking action. We have seen political activists aligned with the far left use or be given a platform to push a narrative in order to gain political ground. CNN

Liberals Think Conservatives Are Evil, Is This Media’s Fault?

Jonathan Haidt’s research shows us how liberals are unable to predict the views of conservatives but conservatives and moderates can predict the views of liberals When we look at Pew research about media trust we can see liberals almost entirely trust mainstream media and conservatives

Social Media Addiction Is Escalating The Culture War BY DESIGN

Like counts, retweet counts, reply counts, all encourage and reward people for bad behavior. Journalists are being driven mad by Twitter and Facebook, they use formulaic ragebait content to drive viewership and push themselves to the fringe in order to constantly one-up themselves and the

U.S Economy Dow Plummets, Whats Next For U.S Empire

We Are Change – Published on May 13th, 2019 – U.S Economy Dow Plummets, What’s Next For U.S Empire See Also: (WAC) – Tim Pools Important WARNING To YOU & Jack Dorsey Twitter Also: (WAC) – The Social Media Network Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg Does

Facebook Caught LYING About Censorship, Regulation Is Coming

Facebook banned several right wing figures but claimed this is normal for them but in a new report from the Associated Press we learned that not only does Facebook leave up the overwhelming majority of content that breaks the rules they actually compile it into

Left Wing Digital Media COLLAPSING, VICE Investment TOTAL LOSS

Disney recently announced that it is taking a 510M dollar loss in their VICE media investments. This news comes shortly after VICE shuttered several of its brands and laid off significant portions of its staff over the past few months. But the news isn’t only

Tim Pool And David Pakman: Censorship and Free Markets

Tim Pool – Published May 7th, 2019 See Also: (Tim Pool) – CNN Drops Over A HUNDRED Staffers Amid Ratings Collapse CNN Drops Over A HUNDRED Staffers Amid Ratings Collapse. CNN has dropped over 100 staffers amid a ‘restructuring’ and a move to a new

GOP Files NEW LAWS To Make Social Media Censorship ILLEGAL

At the state level in California, Texas, and Florida Republicans have pushed new laws to prohibit censorship on political grounds or even just based on content as a whole. Florida’s censorship law seems to have failed but Texas and California are moving forward. California could

CNN FURIOUS Over Trump’s Defense Of Paul Joseph Watson

Following Trump’s defense of Paul Joseph Watson after facebook banned him, CNN reporter Oliver Darcy tweeted in outrage over the actions of the president. In a story he wrote on CNN he published overt and obvious fake news lies from Facebook about how they take

Conservative News Added To BLACKLIST, Targets Advertisers

The Poynter institute published a list of “unreliable news” which is essentially a fake news website. Right away we can see it makes no sense as on it are satirical websites and even video hosting platforms. But the list includes right wing sites rated credible

FBI: Antifa Planned Armed “Disruption” Of US Border Security

According to FBI documents reviewed by the San Diego Union-Tribune the FBI is tracking “Anti Fascist” Activists who were seeking arms from Mexican sources in order to stage trainings and an armed “disruption” of US border security operations. No one has been arrested and two

Fake News SMEARS On Pewdiepie Hurt ALL Of Us On Youtube

The Adpocalypse saw many youtubers lose their income and struggle. It all started with lies and smears about Pewdiepie. They took jokes out of context, even jokes ABOUT the lies were taken out of context to smear Pewdiepie. In the end we all lose out

ANOTHER Hate Crime HOAX Exposed? Are They Really On The Rise?

Last Thursday in Winnipeg police responded to reports of a crime. But yesterday it was reported that the incident was believed to be a hoax and police arrested the three cafe owners and the woman tho claimed to have been a victim. Stories like this

MASSIVE Raid On Migrant Caravan Sends THOUSANDS Fleeing

Mexico has conducted the largest raid yet detaining nearly 400 people and sending thousands fleeing in fear. Trump’s rhetoric has increasingly blamed Mexico for not doing enough to stop the migrant caravans with his most recent tweets calling to shut down parts of the border

Buzzfeed FORCED To Admit It Published FAKE NEWS About Trump

Buzzfeed falsely reported that Donald Trump explicitly told Michael Cohen to lie in the Russia investigation but the story was almost immediately refuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Office. Buzzfeed REFUSED o back down and defended their reporting. Even after Cohen testified and proved the

Trump Call To Release Migrants In Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left

Trump Call To Release Migrants Into Sanctuary Cities EXPOSES Far Left. In what may be one of the strangest turns liberal celebrity Cher, who had previously called for allowing Dreamers into our homes, expresses shock at the idea of Trump bringing illegal immigrants to sanctuary

Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula Are Running For Political Office

Absolute Mad Lads Sargon of Akkad, Count Dankula Are Running For Political Office. As two fairly prominent figures in the culture war they have been the subject of smears and lies from the far left and social justice activists. Naturally now they are being called

Far Left Protesters FORCED Another Pride Event To Shut Down

LGBT Pride Event CANCELED Due To Far Left Protests. Groups called for changes to a pride event in Edmonton Cananda saying that LGBTIQ2S+ people needed a vigil led by QTIBPOC+ and trans folx among many other demands. This is not the first time we have

Retired Journalist EXPOSES Media Parroting Far Left Lies

Journalist EXPOSES Media Blindly Parroting Far Left Lies. In an Op-ed a retired journalist reveals how his organization would blindly parrot the press releases of the SPLC, “like other media outlets.” It was only until they started investigated did they realize that the SPLC was

Jussie Smollett Could Be RECHARGED, Attorney DEMANDS Special Prosecutor

Citing the irregularities of the Jussie Smollett case a former State’s Attorney demands a real special prosecutor investigate the potential cover up and interference. Smollett had 16 felony charges mysteriously drop to the shock and anger of law enforcement and even the Illinois Prosecutor’s Bar

“Woke” Social Justice Leftists Are DEFENDING Segregation

“Woke” Social Justice Leftists Are DEFENDING Segregation. At an event in Georgia a sign on a door for a mayoral race event read “black press only” and according to NBC News white reporters were barred entry based on their race. The far left and “woke”

Police FURIOUS After Charges Against Jussie Smollett DROPPED

Police FURIOUS After Charges Against Jussie Smollett DROPPED. All charges against Jussie Smollett were dropped leaving the Mayor calling this a “Whitewash of justice.” Smollett claims he has been honest and truthful this whole time yet he initially claimed the men involved were white but


RussiaGaters REFUSE To Give Up, Cry COVER UP! CONSPIRACY! And it will never be enough. No amount of information, no investigation, no amount of time will ever satiate them. The world view of the far left Russiagate conspiracy believers was shattered when “no new indictments”

Books BANNED, Ideas CENSORED, We Are IN The Dystopian Future

We Are IN The Dystopian Future, Book Bannings, Censorship, It’s All Getting WORSE. Digital book burnings, thats how people refer to the banning of books in the digital world. When Jordan Peterson’s book is banned from a major distributor what is the difference? The Far

Jordan Peterson’s Book BANNED By New Zealand Distributor??!

Jordan Peterson’s Book BANNED By Major Distributor??! Currently it is being reported that Whitcoulls, one of the largest distributors in New Zealand has pulled Jordan Peterson’s book, 12 rules for life, following the major incident which occurred recently. A local media outlet reports that when

Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias

Twitter Hit With MASSIVE Lawsuit Over Anti Conservative Bias. I told Jack Dorsey lawmakers would be coming for them and here we are only a few weeks later. Devin Nunes has filed a 250 million dollar lawsuit against twitter over their bias against conservatives. Nunes

Conservatives Face MAJOR Bias As Media DEFENDS Far Left

Conservatives Face MAJOR Bias As Media DEFENDS Far Left. It seems to play out the same way over and over. A Conservative says something offensive and gets in trouble meanwhile far left activists have journalists run defense for them. Tucker Carlson loses Sponsors, Jeanine Pirro

Youtubers CENSORED after Far Left Fake News Hit Piece?!

Youtubers CENSORED after Fake News Hit Piece From The Far Left?! After a group called Data and Society published fake news about several youtubers in an attempt to get them censored from the platform a new study has emerged claiming that is exactly what happened.

Police Say Jussie Smollett Staged HOAX For More Money

Apparently Jussie Smollett was getting 65,000$ per episode and was dissatisfied with his salary according to Chicago Police. They stated that Smollett staged the fake letter and the hoax attack presumably as a publicity stunt. Social Justice has made victim hood lucrative and the presumed

What I Mean By “The Left Is Going INSANE”

I made a video about the left being overrun by far left and leftist insanity a few weeks ago but wanted to go in depth on several instances I think exemplify why I feel the left has become insane. From science denial, extreme social justice

The Media Gaslighting Over Jussie Smollett HOAX Has Begun

While politicians either refuse to comment or outright delete tweets many high profile journalists from CNN and The Washington Post are claiming that journalists reported this correctly. However, this is just plain not true. This appears to be Covington all over again as Mediaite produced

Jussie Smollet and The Rise of HOAX Hate Crimes

New evidence and reporting suggest that Jussie Smollett may have PAID two men to stage the crime against himself and this has left many people wondering why. The answer may be relatively simple. Media reports the claims without verification, activists parade the story around to

Feminist BANNED For “Misgendering” Files Lawsuit Against Twitter

Feminist BANNED For “Misgendering” Files Lawsuit Against Twitter. Megan Murphy was banned a few months ago for “targeted misgendering” of a transgender individual on Twitter. The social platform insists that it doesn’t use politics when determining if someone should be banned but this clearly is

Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN (UPDATED)

Published on Feb 11th, 2019 – Tim Pool UPDATE: Major Party Leaders DENOUNCE Omar’s Tweets… Democrat Ilhan Omar DENOUNCED Over Anti-Semitic Tweets AGAIN. Omar tweeted “it’s all about the benjamins baby” which was seem as an anti-semitic reference to jews being greedy or using