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Gold Is The Key, Patriots Have The Fed Scrambling

Earning season does not look good, companies are not doing as we were told. The economic illusion the [CB] created is now falling apart, it will be showing up in the people’s sector and not the stock market, not the statistical numbers. Trump and team

It Has Begun, The Push Is On, Timing Is Everything

Job numbers are incredible, remember Trump is using the DS, CB manipulation and playing their game. Trump’s economic advisor says there is no recession headed our way, who else says this, the Fed. Using their playbook to show the economy is doing great and the

It’s Just Getting Started, Enjoy The Ride

Mitt Romney wrote a hit piece on Trump, this was done on purpose. Mueller is in trouble with the Russian company he accused of Russian collusion.Rudy Giuliani says Assange should not be arrested.Austria says they will not be part of the European Army that Macron

Fed Exposed On Crypto & Why It Will Be Taken Down

The Fed just exposed why they are against cryptocurrency, it has nothing to do with criminals using it, it has to do with the decentralization, they don’t like that part of it, because if you remove decentralization and try to centralize it, it will not

Power Of The Wand, It Has Begun, Finger Pointing

US sending trade delegation to China early next year. The power of the wand continues, the market is up again, Trump did say to buy the dip. Trump is demonstrating to the central banks and the DS that he has the power and control. The

Stores Are Stockpiling Goods To Prepare For The Transition

We can see the economic numbers continue to decline and the people are starting to notice something is wrong with the peoples economy. Trump and the patriots are preparing for an economic shift, but how do you plan for a transition without hurting the people.

Time To Declas FISA To Unite The People: Harley Schlanger

Published on Dec 18th, 2018 – x22Report – Today’s Guest: Harley Schlanger See Also: (x22Report) – Moves & Countermoves Are Being Used To Bring The Central Bank To Its’ Knees Housing permits bounce, starts decline. Vegas traffic is drying up, nobody is going to look

Fed Backed Into A Corner, WTO Next On The Chopping Block

Dick’s sporting good is looking to close down 35 stores across 18 states. US debt is approaching 22 Trillion dollars, this is part of the plan, push the debt level and the economy to the edge.China purchases soybeans from the US. Millennial’s are worse off

Very Strong Signals Being Sent, The Plan Is The Ultimate Plan

Xi is sending a signal to Trump, the trade deal is almost complete. The entire economic system is about to change. The economy is collapsing rapidly and everything needs to be put in place before this happens. The Fed is now under the control of

Trump Did It, This Is The Icing On The Cake

John Kerry tells the people of the UK to accept the deal that May presented. If the deal was that great Kerry would not have to tell them to accept it, they would do it automatically. The housing market is falling apart very rapidly, Toll

Lift Off On 1.1.19, Courts-Martial Around The Corner

Trump lashes out at Cohen, Mueller is being investigated for holding back information. FBI raids mayor of Atlantic City. Q drops bread and they point to 1.1.19 which is when the EO comes into play. The deep state is cornered, they thought they were in

Confirmed, Central Banks Project Fear To Control The Masses

The central bankers use fear to control the people. During the BREXIT the central bank warned if the people voted for the BREXIT the entire economy would collapse, it didn’t happen, now the CB warns they must accept the deal or the economy will collapse.

Fed Panic Begins, Division & Chaos, Next Phase Coming

The next housing crisis has arrived, new construction, existing home sales are continually declining. There is only 13 percent of all Americans planning to purchase a home. It starting to feel like 2008 all over again. Trump and Xi are planning to agree on trade,

It Happened, Have We Just Witnessed “The Marker”

Brenda Snipes has resigned her position. Tim Canova tweets out that Snipes has committed fraud the elections. Trump says big changes are coming in administration. Trump says Whitaker is free to do what he needs to do in regards with Mueller. Blumenthal is filing a

Think Projection, Time Is Up, Haiti Op Underway [C]?

MSM is attacking the Trump administration to make it look like there is chaos and people are quitting or being fired. Investigations now being moved to the Senate. MSM pushing indictment conspiracy, then turns around and says Mueller has sealed indictments. The deep state leaked

The Plan Is Working, The MSM Falls For The Trap

The people of the UK are angry, May sold them out, the EU and the establishment did what they alway intended to do, keep the UK exactly where it is with a deal that is so bad it doesn’t even resemble a UK exit from

How Do You Catch A Fish, Target Locked On

The lawsuit filed by all the MSM outlets will fail, the White House did not violate the first or fifth amendment. Election fraud is being thrown into the spotlight for the first time and the players will be exposed. The illegals have reached San Diego

Bringing The [CB] To It’s Knees, Use Transparency

German economy has shrunk for the first time in 3 years. Other EU nations are feeling the pain and growth slows and in many areas growth will turn negative. Macy’s uses tricky reporting to make its brick and mortar sales look better than it really

Fed Rolling Back Tests, It’s All Being Rolled Back

Canada’s housing market is imploding, growth is slowing and it will eventually go negative like it did back in the 80’s. Caterpillar once again is reporting weakening sales. The manipulation is coming to an end. Conspiracy no more for gold. JP Morgan trader turns states

Let The Unsealing, Declas Begin, Let The World Witness The Truth

Happy Veterans Day to all veterans, we salute you. Lindsey Graham stands behind Whitaker and Trump. The French Foreign minister says they never received recording of Khashogi from Erdogan. Trump shakes hands with Putin in Paris. Q drops bread, explains the plan, the indictments will

Plan Worked, Future Proves Past, Forced Exposure

The Florida votes are now being recounted, there seems to be a problem and their might be election fraud happening. In Texas 9 people were arrested for election fraud. Trump is continually tweeted out that signatures do not match and something is terribly wrong with

Is This Beginning Of The End Of The Central Bank Currency System

UK retail apocalypse deepens, US retail follows, the retail industry is imploding. UMich sentiment is declining, people are starting to realize that the economy is not what it seems. The Federal Reserve is on track to raise the rates come this Dec, in 2019 they

Conspiracy No More, People Will Reject, It’s Time

White House suspends CNN reporter Jim Acosta press Credentials. Trump might change the asylum rules with an EO. Facebook ignores call to appear in front of Canadian and UK lawmakers. UAE will reopen its Embassy in Damascus, other middle eastern countries will follow. Q drops

Enjoying The Economic Show, We Are About To Enter The Finale

The debt level for American’s is completely unsustainable. Most of the people need to use credit or they wouldn’t be able to survive. The amount of personal debt has increased dramatically. American’s have been resorting to payday loans to make ends meet. DR Horton reports

Phase II has Begun, The Push Back Is Real, Power Of Control

Theresa May is trying to sell the plan to the people and they will do everything and anything to make the people back her for the unfinished plan. Mortgage application plummet, interest rates are rising and people are being bumped out of the market, this

The Countdown To The Plan Has Begun, Phase II Coming Up

The entire plan is going into Phase II, right after the midterm elections everything will change, the push to remove the central bank will go into overdrive and the President will call out the Fed at every decision they make. Job openings tumble, there are

Trump Just Boxed The Fed In, This Is How

Theresa May is coming up with a secret deal and the people don’t know what its all about, the question is why is it secret. Home sales are imploding in California, it starting to look like the entire housing market is about to come down.

Stealth Bomber Making It’s Approach, Blockade Removed

Clapper and Brennan lied about whistle blowers. The US war on terror has cost 5 trillion dollars and terror is up 6500%. CIA communication comprised in Iran, deep state covering it all up, think projection. Trump says ready to make deal with Iran. Q drops

Will The US Sanction The Central Banks Payment System?

October payroll numbers are incredible, the plan is to get everyone on board that the economy is doing well. The MSM is trying to counter the economy but they know they can’t go to far or they will be exposed. This is all part of

Don’t You Love It When A Plan Comes Together, We Are On Track

Published on Nov 1, 2018 – x22Report – The US is hurting, this is not something that just happened, it happened when politicians sold out and gave control of a monetary system to a private western central bank. Wages and jobs have been declining over

Stripping The Central Banks Power Is Easier Than You Think

The Congressional budget office already knows that this debt cannot be sustained. The entire economic system is about to implode and at this time it is time to get rid of the cause of the problem. The Federal Reserve Act can be canceled by the

The Central Banks Plan Disrupted, Now Trying To Backpedal, Goodbye

The stock market has been declining for the last 5 weeks, this is the beginning of the entire global economic system breaking down. Around the world the real estate market it breaking apart, the globalist system is collapsing, this was done on purpose. The central

The Narrative Shift Is Almost Complete, Once Completed, Boom

Umich sentiment drops as more and more people are being pushed out of the market, auto spending outlook falls by the waste side and student loan debt is rising as delinquencies start to kick in. Student loans is the Millennial’s worst nightmare, they have so

The Time Is Now, Warnings, Confirmations, Prepare

Brexit talks are on hold, the central bankers will never let any country leave. Over half of America gets more welfare than they pay in taxes. This is what the central bankers want, they want people dependent, enslaved and desperate. New homes, existing homes and

This Time It’s Different, But Not The Way Everyone Thinks

The illegal migrant caravan is making its way up to the US, this is a Soros deep state plan. Rosenstein is going to be questioned, why only two D’s and two R’s. Just because you don’t see it happening doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The

World Peace?, Deep State Losing Control Of Narrative

Former FBI says Rosenstein was not kidding when he wanted to record Trump. FBI admits using multiple spies in the Trump administration. Jude orders Mueller to prove that the companies were involved in election meddling. Khashogi a deep state operation to split the world and

The Economy Has Just Turned, & So Are Countries

The US housing market has just turned, it is now a buyers market, we saw right before the great recession of 08-09. Fed Kaplan gives a time line of when the Fed will hit a neutral rate, which really means when we hit the moment

Countries Around The World Are Already Transitioning Their Economies

Published on Oct 19th, 2018 – x22Report See Also: (x22Report) – Stealth Operation Initialized, Deep State [SA] Mission Fail Leakers are being arrested left and right, an FBI agent has been arrested, government officials have been recently arrested, the Sessions crack down is here. Trump

Futures Proves Past, Listen To The Past

Published on Oct 18, 2018 – x22 Report See Also: (x22Report) – The Sky Is Falling, Panic, Shut It Down At Any Cost, Dead End We are now seeing leakers being arrested and these leakers are tracking right back to Obama and Clinton and the

Know Your Enemy, More Arrests, There Is No Spoon

Deep state treasury leaker has been arrested. Supreme Court will take on the case that might give a ruling on whether social media falls under the first amendment. Trump orders the recordings in the Khashogi mystery. The MSM pushing the agenda that Trump is protecting

Biggest Threat & Too Independent, Goodbye [Fed]

Car sales around the world are plunging, especially the European market. Housing permits and starts have declined once again and this follows mortgages imploding on themselves. The debt level is skyrocketing and there is no way to stop it, this is part of the plan

Trump Confirms Plan, It’s All Working

US job opening hits a record high, 1.2 million job vacancies. The statistical information is so far from reality right now, if this was true we would see wages sky rocketing, but we don’t. The American people are not keeping up with the inflation, from

DECLAS Timed, Foreign Allies Object To DECLAS,???

It is now being reported that the FBI has concealed information that shows Trump never colluded with Russia. Foreign Allies are telling Trump not to declassify the document, the question is how do the foreign allies know whats in there. The entire plan by the

Warning To Trump, Unwise To Mess With The Central Bank

Sears files for bankruptcy, CEO steps down. The retail problem is not going away it is going to get a lot worse. Retail sales declined, restaurants are reporting spending has declined.Russia is making plans with many countries to cut the Federal Reserve Note out of