CrossTalk on Russia and China: The Bear & The Dragon

The Bear and the Dragon. Over the last few years the Russia-China relationship has grown in depth and magnitude. It is not hard to understand why. With Russia constantly demonized and sanctioned, and China targeted as a serious western security threat, it is no wonder Moscow and Beijing gravitate towards each other. This is much more than a ‘marriage of convenience’. CrossTalking with Joel Ruet, Earl Rasmussen, and Jim Rogers.
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Robert Mueller’s testimony to Congress devastated the Russiagate hoax. Nonetheless, the partisan infighting continues. But what about Russiagate’s impact on geopolitics? Also, is a new start in Ukraine possible? Can Zelensky find a way? CrossTalking with Glenn Diesen, Dmitry Babich, and Alex Christoforou. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk on Boris Johnson: PM BoJo

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Did you ever think you would say that? It seems we live in a world where anything can happen now. After all, who would have thought Brexit would destroy the premiership of Theresa May? Will the Brexit process do the same to Boris Johnson? CrossTalking with Lee Jasper, Mark Garnett, and James Tweedie. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk: Is everything racist?

Politics is supposed to be about the art of the possible. This means compromises and tolerance. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Enforced speech and character assassination are now the rules of engagement. Today if you say the wrong thing, think a different thought – you must be silenced. CrossTalking with Rina Shah, Remington Gregg and Antonia Okafor. Also: (Crosstalk) – CrossTalk Bullhorns: To The Brink

Moving to the brink still again. How long will it take before the US attacks Iran? Can Rand Paul save the day? And will Google and Facebook determine the next presidential election? CrossTalking with Dmitry Babich, Marcus Papadopoulos, and Alexander Mercouris.