“This Is Like Nothing I’ve Ever Seen Before” – Stores Alter Layouts, Use Decoys To Hide Shortages

While chaos reigns in supply chains, grocery stores are trying to present an appealing and seemingly organized front for customers. To do so, some are turning to age-old tricks of the trade, and developing new ones, to cover up gaps on the shelves. That includes moving products to unlikely places in stores. Some have stacked whole aisles with items that ordinarily have a small space on one shelf. Others have filled gaps with cardboard “dummies,” including empty prepackaged sandwich boxes—a tactic that isn’t new, but one that shoppers are likely noticing is being employed more frequently, said Catherine Shuttleworth, founder and chief executive of retail consulting firm Get Savvy Marketing Ltd.-
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The era of cheap meat is over. For those that are carnivores, that is really bad news. For decades, Americans have been able to count on the fact that there would always be mountains of very inexpensive meat at the local grocery store, but now those days are gone and they aren’t coming back.