Lock ‘em Up: Another Brennan/Clapper Crime Exposed

Brennan: “Charge him with espionage”. DOJ: “He didn’t commit espionage”. Brennan: “Charge him anyway & make him defend himself”. When that didn’t work, he got Mueller’s FBI to create a 12-man “Kiriakou team” run by — Peter Strzok. Whistleblower John Kiriakou exposes the Deep State MO & the crimes of Clapper & Brennan that were exposed Nov 1 by Sen Grassley but ignored by the media.

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Eugene Wzorek is the only man to win against the machine politics and patronage of Chicago using the Shakman decrees imposed against the city by the judiciary. But corrupt officials refused to pay and Eugene has fought them, pro se, all the way to the Supreme Court. He joins with an update.

Also:: (David Knight) – Dem Math Problems: Election Recount is Another Kavanaugh Moment

The Dems have been caught red-handed lying & stuffing ballots. Now, after they’ve failed in the election and recount they’re pushing for more recounts and threatening lawsuits. It’s another defining moment, like the Kavanaugh hearing. And, it looks like Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to become Speaker. Should she demand recounts and file lawsuits?

Also: (David Knight) – Obama: “This is MY House”—Trump CAN Exclude Anyone From White House

Neither the White House nor Tucker Carlson’s house are the public square. CNN applauded Obama for throwing a transgender out of WH, saying “this is my house” in 2015. In 2009 his Press Secretary bragged about excluding FOX news and he threw reporters off his campaign plane when their newspapers endorsed his opponent. Mainstream media NEVER endorses free speech — until it’s a mask of their special interest.

Also: (David Knight) – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Will UK Leave EU or Will May’s Party Leave Her?

Not since Neville Chamberlain has a Prime Minister faced such hostility from their own party. Using Shakespeare’s rhetorical device from Julius Ceasar, Rees-Mogg says“ My Right Honourable Friend, and she is unquestionably honourable, said that we would leave the Customs Union. [The agreement] says otherwise.” Et tu Theresa?

Also: (David Knight) – FL Election: Truth or Satire?

See if you can you tell the difference between satire headlines and real headlines when it comes to the Florida election count, re-count and count…