How Nashville Could Affect the Biden Pistol Ban

Following the horrible events in Nashville, anti-gun politicians have sprung into action to “never let a good tragedy go to waste”. Anti-gunners in congress have begun to pressure Republicans to back down from their opposition of the Biden Pistol Brace Ban. Ben breaks down the political situation on this episode of the Minuteman Moment.
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ATF is growing at a faster percentage than even the FBI. Joe Biden’s favorite agency’s budget has increased by over 50% since the Obama administration. In this Minute Man Moment, Ben walks us through the growth of the ATF and how they plan to use their enormous budget.

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Check out this update from our Frame or Receiver case in Morehouse Enterprises v. ATF. Listen to GOA lawyer, Rob Olson wipe the floor with ATF’s flawed logic justifying President Biden’s so-called “ghost gun” ban and gun registry expansion final rule.

Also: (GOA) – GOP Compromise Creates Universal Background Checks

President Biden announced that he will be directing the DOJ (and therefore the ATF) to “move as close as possible to Universal Background Checks” without additional legislation. This unconstitutional action was enabled by passing the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, facilitated by 15 anti-gun Republicans.