The Fiamengo File 100 – All Anti-Feminism, All The Time

Four years and 100 episodes later Janice Fiamengo is stronger and more articulate than ever. This episodes highlights the growing problem of feminist domination of western culture and its attack upon freedom of speech and presumption of innocence. Every era has its socially accepted scapegoat and its sacred religion. Feminism has become the sacred world view of the West, and men are the target of its unbridled hatred. The situation continues to escalate as feminists seek to de-humanize men, creating derogatory terms for everyday behaviors like mansplaining, manspreading, toxic masculinity, stare rape, micro-aggression, and persecuting anyone who oppose even their most absurd claims, like gender has no basis in biology.

Courageous voices, like Janice Fiamengo’s, will not let this insanity pass without criticism. You can expect many more episodes of insightful analysis revealing the corrupt core of feminism that lives illegitimately in every university posing as an academic discipline.