Donald Trump Wants To COLLAPSE THE DOLLAR! (Here’s How He’ll Do It)

Donald Trump reveals secret desires 👉THAT WILL SHOCK YOU! 👈In a recent press conference he expressed his love for negative interest rates and told the media how the dollar should be lower. I explain how Donald Trump would intentionally or inadvertently collapse the dollar. Donald Trump is the economic equivalent of a bull in a china shop. That said, I have to give Donald Trump credit for his candor, in the same breath he mentions how he loves negative interest rates and then goes on to basically say anyone who buys them is an idiot! Whether or not Donald Trump truly knows the downside of negative interest rates is unknown. But what he makes very clear is his desire for the government to borrow at negative rates and Fed to devalue the dollar. If YOU’RE interested in the future of the economy and the dollar this is a MUST WATCH VIDEO!

What makes matters more interesting is the fact that Donald Trump surrounds himself with people like Larry Kudlow that know better than to strive for negative interest rates and a collapse of the dollar. But regardless of the people who surround Trump he has his own agenda, negative interest rates and collapsing the dollar. If we’re to take him at his word, at very least, he has an incredibly myopic view of economics. To be fair, all politicians are clueless about macro, most probably worse than Donald Trump!

In this Donald Trump dollar collapse video I’ll discuss the following:

1. How Donald Trumps desire for negative interest rates could collapse the dollar.

2. How Donald Trump could also intervene in FX market and bring on a Plaza Accord 2.0.

3. How Donald Trumps trade deal with China could also have an impact on devaluing the dollar.

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