The extent of Israeli spying directed against the United States is a huge story that is only rarely addressed in the mainstream media. The Jewish state regularly tops the list for ostensibly friendly countries that aggressively conduct espionage against the U.S. and Jewish American Jonathan Pollard, who was imprisoned in 1987 for spying for Israel, is now regarded as the most damaging spy in the history of the United States. Could Jeffrey Epstein be a Mossad Honey Pot operation that went on far too long and burned out?

Please welcome to team RTR Chris Switzer of The Freedom Ministry Channel that has been all but destroyed by, well, you know. Well I can not allow him to go down like that. So we are joining forces. I call him mini-me. A NJ Italian with no fear and who is brutally honest. This is his production I merely helped a bit with. We look forward to many more future projects. As shown in this video you’ll see how Israel has influence over any and ALL American policies, both foreign (and especially foreign) and domestic. They’ve employed entire departments within the Defense Ministry (Lekem — “defunct” since the Jonathan Pollard scandal), and other departments within the Israeli military/intelligence world (Unit 8200 / Talpiot), to steer operatives toward goals and ultimately move all the (Cyber) High-Technology Sector (private & military alike) over to Israel and from there to our supposed mortal enemies like China, Russia, India, Iran, Turkey… and others. This is all building up to the ‘New Silk Road’ known as the Belt and Road Initiative with Soviet Israel & China at the helm. This will be the face of the New Zionist Order (NZO, my terminology.) The New World Order was an experiment conducted by the Vatican and Britain to see if we could rule ourselves under a pseudo-Republican style of governance all the while being controlled by the Venetian Nobility (or Black Nobility from Venice) and the Zionists of the time or the Aristocracy found in books like “Our Crowd” by Stephen Birmingham and others like it. This was the pre-Revolutionary time period in colonial America. Also: (RTR Truth Media) – Are you a Patriot? – Watch This Till the End

If you call yourself a Patriot, if you claim you love America and individual rights and freedom you need to break free from the mind control of government and mass media that props up the cult of personalities over principles. Both left and right are equally as guilty as creating the divide and conquer tactics that keep us from truly obtaining our full potential. Bigger and bigger government. Collectivism in their own flavor on both sides. It’s time to put principles over party. Think critically. Special thanks to Brian Young of High Impact Flix a man I highly respect, who has been a mentor, a friend, and someone who has advocated for truth and freedom placing principles above comfort and convenience. Brian says what must be said to hell with the consequences or popular support. If we ever have a chance at true freedom we must unite. Brian has also advocated for, used his platform to support and pull up many in the truth community. And with his permission I share this latest truthful presentation.