Emergency Alert: Democrats’ “Blue Wave” Set To Ban 1st And 2nd Amendments

Alex Jones exposes a series of Tweets that chronicle how the FBI was warned of Omar Mateen’s connections to Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood years before the Orlando terror attack.

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Alex Jones presents video footage of a high schooler speaking at the Democrat Party/ George Soros funded March For Our Lives rally where the speaker admits to true democrat gun control policy.

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We truly live in a world of hypocrisy. While Hollywood uses gun violence to fatten their wallets, they march on Washington to regulate and limit the Second Also: (Infowars) – March For UN Gun Grabbers Descends On Washington

If a change is going to be made. Whatever that may be. Then it can only be accomplished by a come to the table discussion by both sides of the issue. But the March for Life made it abundantly clear that their developing message is already being hijacked by those in Congress, the media, and the sycophants of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

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Alex Jones presents footage from the astro-turf March For Our Lives Rally where his Piers Morgan interview was projected above the marchers, making Alex Jones’ arguments the focus of their attacks.

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A candidate running for the office of Sheriff in North Carolina was caught on video advocating all manner of anti- Second Amendment policies, including a suggestion that it is ok to murder Americans to take their firearms.

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Just like the Nazi brown shirts marched for Hitler’s agenda to confiscate firearms, the liberal left in America echoes the Nazis in 2018 for gun control.