Government response delaying recovery and making crisis worse

Peter Schiff on InfoWars with Mike Adams (3/8/2020)
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The Fed unleashes the ultimate weapon on planet Earth.
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Another week, another multi-trillion dollar Fed program. Government spending has to be paid in either taxation or inflation and we’re about to pay for it in spades.

Trump draining the whole country instead of just the swamp – will add more debt in 4 years than Bush did in 8.

Unemployed will stay unemployed for a long time.

We’re buying time before an explosive rise in gold prices.

You can’t outperform a bubble.

Betting against the economy is not the same as rooting against the economy.

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Markets overly optimistic that the worst is behind us. Trump keeps his friends close and his enemies closer – gets Kudlow to repudiate everything he spent an entire career advocating.

Fed chairs past and present are clueless.

RINO DJT joins the ranks of FDR, JFK, and LBJ Dems.

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Jobs numbers came out today and the news didn’t matter. Art Laffer knows there’s no free lunch – calls stimulus taxation.

Nothing is as permanent as a temporary government program.

S&P reaffirms US AA+ rating.