Groper Al Franken Lectured Conservatives On ‘Respecting Women’

Senator Al Franken, who is now mired in a sex abuse scandal after a picture emerged of him groping a sleeping woman’s breasts, once lectured conservatives on ‘respecting women’ and was called a “feminist ally”.

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Alex Jones breaks down the new allegations surrounding US Senator Al Franken, formerly an actor on Saturday Night Live, as Leeann Tweeden comes forward with her story of sexual abuse.

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Alex Jones calls on Senator Al Franken to resign after evidence emerges proving, with photographic evidence, that he sexually assaulted a woman while she slept on an airplane.

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Millie Weaver joins Alex Jones live in studio to break down the orchestrated, democratic assault against Judge Roy Moore, and Alex presents an ultimatum: if Moore goes down, so do THEY.

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Leeann Tweeden speaks out against Senator Al Franken, the man that sexually assaulted her years ago and has since taken to lecturing the nation on issues of morality.

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Jon Rappoport breaks down how perceivable injustice for nationally recognized criminals, such as Rand Paul’s attacker or the Sutherland Springs shooter, lead to an erosion of the legal system.