Mark Zuckerburg Says InfoWars Should NOT Be Shut Down

Mark Zuckerberg says InfoWars is not “intentionally getting it wrong” and even admits he himself sometimes gets things wrong so that simply “getting it wrong” is NOT a valid reason for banning InfoWars from facebook.

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Watch Congress call for the END of the 1st Amendment as the democrats and establishment media ask for Alex Jones and InfoWars to be silenced.

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Facebook has a moral responsibility to delete Infowars from its platform, according to CNN’s Oliver Darcy and Brian Stelter.

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Mainstream media are reporting that president Trump is now a traitor and that the Trump/Putin summit was botched. What scares the globalists is that Trump is a cheerleader for America and will meet with Putin again.

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With commentators on Fox claiming InfoWars are “holocaust deniers” the spiritual war on patriots has kicked into high gear. The media wants InfoWars de-platformed so after that they can censor any speech they don’t like.

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Owen Shroyer and Jon Rappoport present and analyze a video clip from Fox News where reporter Carley Shimkus calls Infowars a news organization full of conspiracy theorists.

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