WikiLeaks release cover-up in the probe into ‘Douma chemical attack’

WikiLeaks has released a fourth batch of documents from the OPCD that cast further doubt on its report on allegations of a chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma last year. They reveal the OPCW chose to ignore evidence that contradicts its conclusion that the attack came from the air.
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The Gulf of Oman is a particularly sensitive waterway as it connects to the Strait of Hormuz – through which about a fifth of the world’s oil passes – which, in turn, connects to the Arabian Gulf. Also: (RT) – Guardian FINALLY corrects fake Assange ‘escape plot’ to Russia article

Britain’s ‘Guardian’ newspaper has been forced to amend an article it published last year about Russia’s role in an alleged plot to extract Julian Assange from the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Also: (RT) – BoJo is ‘an oaf, a complete buffoon!’ – Roger Waters

We speak to Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters on the UK general election results. He discusses the media’s campaign against Corbyn, anti-Semitism allegations against Corbyn and the Labour Party, why he believes Boris Johnson is an “oaf and a complete buffoon,” why the national security state feared Jeremy Corbyn and more! Next, we speak to Kate Milner, author of ‘It’s a No Money Day’, a book that explores families living under the poverty line and the use of food banks. She reflects on the general election results, fearing the poor will struggle more, Brexit and its effect on poverty, the rise in food bank usage and denial by Conservatives of the scale of poverty in the UK and more! Finally, we speak to Tom Cullen, the writer and director of ‘Pink Wall’ on his new film, the themes of gender, relationships and sexual identity explored in the film and more! Also: (RT) – Banksy artwork depicts nativity scene under West Bank wall

Banksy unveiled a dark nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus with a different approach, as shown in footage from Sunday at Bethlehem’s The Walled-Off Hotel. Dubbed ‘Scar of Bethlehem,’ the artwork shows Mary and Joseph with Baby Jesus at a manger in front of a concrete wall representing Israel’s separation barrier. On the wall, a hole in the shape of a star opposes the English-written words ‘Love’ and ‘Peace’ at the bottom. Also: (RT) – John Pilger: Private healthcare is only there to make a profit | Going Underground

Going Underground speak to legendary journalist and filmmaker John Pilger about his film ‘The Dirty War on the NHS.’ He discusses the issue of the film not being allowed to air during the general election, and questions the role of OFCOM as a regulator. He also speaks about the negative impact of management consultants, how the Health and Social Care Act of 2012 opened the door to NHS privatization, how privatization causes money to be wasted in the NHS despite more funding promises, and the reality of the private healthcare system in the US. Pilger also discusses RAM volunteering in America, the 2019 UK general election, the reason why Brexit has been taken over by the extreme right since 2016, anti-Semitism allegations against Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party, allegations of BBC bias against Labour in the election, and more!