HS2: The Proverbial Gravy Train

Earlier this week Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave the go-ahead for the controversial high-speed train infrastructure project that was budget to cost £56 billion last July and is now expected to cost £106 billion to complete. It is a well-known rule that any kind of project governments are involved in always end up costing the taxpayer a great deal more over the long term so this project is surrounded in controversy and even experts do not see it providing net benefits to the country.

The other worrying aspect of this gargantuan infrastructure project that raised red flags for me is the involvement of former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

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In this report, I look at recent developments in the European government bond market and how Greek 10-year government bond yields have now dropped below 1% despite the fact that Greece’s debt to GDP level is at 180% and as recently as 2012 they had spiked to 30%. I explain why yields in Europe and in particular the eurozone have been plunging are set to plunge further and also drive other yield’s like in the U.K. and the U.S. lower and possibly into negative territory as well.

My conclusion is that Central Banks have no choice but to keep QE going and keep interest rates low as any hint of rate hikes would pop the already massive bond price bubble. In effect, the Central Banks are damned if they do raise rates and damned if they don’t as the inflating bond bubble will eventually pop and hurt millions of investors and pensioners. Also: (Maneco64) – Fed Chairman Jay Powell Promises to Keep the Ponzi Scheme Going

Today I look back at Charles Ponzi and how he came up with his scheme and compare to our current Central Banking fiat currency system to show that there is little difference between them. Could you imagine how outraged people would be if they went to get their coats from a cloakroom at a restaurant with their tickets and were given a new ticket and told that their coats were gone! Well, that’s what passes for “money” or banknotes today are just a representation of money and not money itself. Also: (Maneco64) – Brexit Could Spark Financial Instability Worldwide

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Today, after a quick rundown of the markets in London I look briefly into how the Central Banking/Fiat Currency model actually goes a long way to eliminating investors and market participants sense of risk and danger. One of the main excuses for the creation of government created Central Banking monopolies is that they will be a lender of last resort. My argument is that this function of being a lender of last resort actually increases irresponsibility and rampant speculation in the financial sector. Also: (Maneco64) – Can U.S. Economic Growth Outpace the Growth of Debt?

In today’s live stream I will be conducting the usual Q & A and I will also be looking at whether the U.S. can grow its economy fast enough to make the gargantuan national, corporate and consumer debt loads insignificant. In a recent interview with Bill Maher, Steve Bannon the former White House strategist said the debt load does not matter because President Trump is a “transformational” President and that economic growth will outpace debt growth. Also: (Maneco64) – Sinking Aussie Dollar Pointing to Tough Times Down Under

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In this video, I talk about how not only China and Russia but the United States’ closest allies like the U.K., Canada, Japan, Sweden and the E.U. are taking steps through the BIS to create alternative digital reserve currencies in order to spread their risks away from the US dollar.