Out of Control Fed Prints Equivalent of Chinese and U.K. GDPs Put Together

Today I update the viewers’ on the latest increase in the size of the Federal Reserve System’s balances sheet as the U.S. Central Banks continues to create money out of thin air to buy all kinds of paper assets. I will also touch upon “The Pocketbook of Gold” by Jim Sinclair and Peter Carlin and how gold is a barometer of confidence and a revealed of falsely stated wealth.
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Today I look back at the day when I dawned on me that the banknotes we carry in our wallets are not real money and are even promissory notes. It was my Eureka moment in terms of realising that our current monetary system or arrangement is not built on a sound foundation. I will also touch upon a passage from a book entitled “The Rothschilds: The Financial Rulers of Nations” by John Reeves. This passage shows how important and valuable a promissory note used to be back in the 1800s.

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Today I look at what policymakers around the world have in store for the general public and how it does not matter one iota on what side of the political spectrum these people are as they will stick to the Keynesian fallacy that one needs more debt and government spending in order to help build prosperity. I will discuss an interesting video coming out of Novara Media in which a so-called economic and history expert, Adam Tooze, argues why it is paramount for governments and Central Banks to run even bigger deficits and debt in order to get us out of the current crisis which of course come about as a result of too much debt in the first place.

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Today I go through some of the mainstream media’s headlines about the prospects of for economies around the world and point out that even those who usually sugar coat things are actually calling it almost like it is. My take on all of this is that the current crisis has been brewing for almost fifty years and that it is ultimately a debt crisis. I also point out that all the efforts by governmental and monetary authorities to fight this crisis with more debt will be fruitless.

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Today I look at the price action for gold in the last 24 hours and how it has made new highs for the year and what it means in terms of the monetary system, the markets and the economy. I will also recommend a couple of books that I think are essential reading material for those who would like to understand what is really going on with now in terms of fiscal and monetary policy.

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Today I look at how the markets have reacted to the agreement reach between Opec and the Russian on oil production cuts. I also look at some fo the headlines relating to the U.S. economy and touch briefly upon the current crisis.

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In tonight’s live stream we will be doing our usual Q & A but I will be also touching upon the Good Friday Prayer conducted from the Oval Office. It was interesting that Bishop Harry Jackson from Maryland quoted a verse (Psalms, 105 37) from the bible that mentions gold and silver. Some think this is a sign or others would say this is a coincidence.

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In this report, I interview Brecht Arnaert: Brecht is a monetary expert at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid and has been the editor-in-chief of MACRO Trends since November 2013. We will be discussing ECB monetary policy and its impact on the Eurozone’s economy and how it will impact the euro, the price of gold and the mom-and-pop businesses of Europe.

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Today I will cover the ongoing saga in the gold market where we have seen shortages around the world of physical bullion and huge premiums needed to be paid to get coins and bars of gold and silver. I will go through a very thorough and detailed article by Ronan Manly of Bullion Star in Singapore. Mr Manly’s conclusion is that it is possible that one of the major bullion banks has been taken to the cleaners so to speak.

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In today’s live stream we will be discussing what the Powers That Be or the Elites have in store for us in the aftermath of the current health crisis.
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Today I go over what I think has been a very significant week in terms of what the Central Bankers are doing. I have to admit though that almost every day let alone every week there seems to be some unprecedented move by the Powers that Be not only at the Marriner Eccles Building but also in the Halls of Congress and at the Executive level too. Friday has become a day for us to review the ongoing astronomical increase in the Fed’s balance sheet as it will probably be comfortably of $10 trillion before the summer ends. Here in the U.K., the Bank of England has also gone rogue so to speak as it will now give HM Treasury undisclosed amounts of freshly printed money thus allowing the government to bypass the Gilt market.

I also look at a concerning opinion piece in the FT by John Dizard of how there could be a spiral of mortgage failures in the U.S. starting in May 2020.

My conclusion is that if nothing is done to reign the Central Banks or even get rid of them altogether we will leave a world in which most will be in debt servitude for generations to come.

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Today is, in my opinion, a historic day as the Bank of England announced it will provide HM Treasury directly with printed money so it does not have to borrow it in the Gilt or money markets. We are being told it will be a temporary measure and the that the Treasury will pay back the money by the end of the year but I would not bet the house on this happening as until last weekend the Bank of England governor, Andrew Bailey, said this kind of financing was out of the question.

My conclusion is that the Bank of England and the U.K. government are embarking on a very dangerous exercise that has historically always ended in hyperinflationary disasters as it did during the Weimar Republic in the 1920s and more recently in Zimbabwe and Venezuela.

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With the stock market moving up and down like a yo-yo today I look into the work of Strauss and Howe about generational theory and what they termed as the Fourth Turning. My conclusion is that, in my opinion, we are definitely in the advanced stages of the Fourth Turning and that there are plenty of things happening put there that point to that.

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Today I revisit a video I made a couple of weeks ago comparing the Dow in 1929 to the Dow today or in 2020. I also look at where the markets are in London and what I expect from the stock market going forward.