War Drums Intensify As Financial Collapse Kicks Off

Now that the Bank of England is using QE to ease pressure on the debt market, we can see what other Central Banks will do in the future to stop the spread of the debt implosion around the world. We can learn a lot about how the UK debt crisis foreshadows the fate of the world by this week’s past pivot and how the world was possibly days away from a systemic unraveling of the global economy.
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Today we will look at why the pension industry in the UK is in trouble. The problems go back over a decade and have got to do with the low-interest rate environment created artificially by the Central Banks. Our conclusion is that having some precious metals outside the system will go a long way in providing pensioners with some monetary or financial insurance.

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Today we will go over the Bank of England’s intervention to a vert not only a collapse of the government bond market but the pension industry. The bank of England announced £65 billion in QE despite the fact it is supposed to be doing QT or unwinding its balance sheet. Our conclusion is that the Old Lady of Threadneedle Street will only stop inflation after the currency hyperinflates into worthlessness.

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Today we will look at the UK government bond and how the meltdown in prices is leading to a huge spike in yields which will translate into higher borrowing rates for the government, mortgages, and any transaction to do with credit and borrowing. We will look at how even the IMF is warning the UK government about the precarious situation. Our conclusion is that the banking system could quickly fall into a precarious situation that could lead to depositors’ money being bailed in like in Cyprus back in 2013.