Gain of Function

Studies, or research that improves the ability of a pathogen to cause disease, that’s the Plannedemic in a nutshell! Gain of function, are the sickos of our world wanting to get their way, but can’t really do it honestly, because they’re control freaks; and under normal circumstances people would absolutely say no to their dystopian vison of our world.

What has been created in the novel corona virus scenario is actually an enhanced version or reoccurrence of the false flag terrorist attacks that occurred back in 2001.

The Great Reset is nine eleven on steroids, with the same people behind it, make no mistake about it.

Using the exact same tactics, which is of course the fear of dying, works every time, right out of the tyrants hand book mind you.

This has been my gut feeling from the beginning of the lockdown, you simply do not shut down the world’s economies, and then tell people there is a need for a Great Reset.

Thank God many have figured out what’s actually going on, they intuitively know something is amiss.

Let’s call it what it is, a eugenicists and bankers wet dream to control the population, and bring forth a digital new world order.

All as the elite contemptuously laugh at the sheeple gladly accepting harmful vaccines, digital identities, digital currencies, and their own nightmarish high tech enslavement!

This is gain of function at its very best, the pathogen of psychopathy spread virally through the mind control apparatus euphemistically known as the mass media.

Knowledge is power, spread the word, resistance, and non-compliance, are revolutionary acts, or in other words the people’s GAIN OF FUNCTION . . .