Rothschild’s Israel II


The acknowledgment of the existence of the order is key to dissolving its power. The order, simply put, are people wielding power whom have a long standing agenda of consolidating that power, hence the term A New World Order. ( of which is epitomized within the state of “Israel” and US support of it )

By long standing, I mean to say, that their ideology is indefinite and spans centuries; of course this agenda is cloaked in secrecy giving rise to such legends as vampires.

Our distinct disadvantage is that the people’s interests are merely a secondary consideration to the order, our individual concerns die with us, in other words, our agendas no matter how noble or shallow die with us. Power is a corrupting force, which gives one the sense of superiority, and of being part of the chosen (ordained by God himself) that is destined to rule over the inferior.

The true message behind the “Crucifixion” is contained within the words the enlightenment or awakening, which means the masses are being made aware that their interests are not being served by those in power, by those who falsely claim to serve the people. The constant task of the order is to put the awakened masses back to sleep, and reestablish their dominance. I.e. through empire, religion, revolutions, education, forms of governance, false flags, disinformation, divisiveness, war, and causes that serve the order.

The guiding light of said enlightenment is partly to shed light on the order, but mostly to shed light on ourselves, and our own weaknesses such as our greed and self-centeredness of which the order takes advantage of. This is what or where the order derives its power from. Martin Luther King said it best when he spoke of the content of one’s character, to be able to judge or see people by the content of their character automatically changes your own, and therefore your consciousness.

In other words the light within us, the goodness within in each individual being brought to the fore, will be the most effective way to fight, to dismantle or render powerless for all of time THE ORDER . . .