War is off so risk is on

Tensions between the U.S. and Iran are less diffused than everyone seems as the propaganda strengthens on both sides of the political theater. NASDAQ, Dow, S&P hit new record highs. Trump is eager for Dow to hit 30k so he can tweet up a storm claiming credit.

Risk premiums for crude and gold are still there although gold mining stocks got obliterated as war became less imminent. Investors were spooked as gold dropped from $1610 to $1540 in a 24 hour period. Despite gold mining stocks getting crushed, gold itself is up 2% for the year. This presents an even better buy for gold stocks as they catch up to gold’s $1550 support.

People are underestimating the popularity of socialism in America and investors are underestimating the possibility of a Bernie Sanders win.

A lawsuit tries to postpone California’s new law aimed at the gig economy. Lawmakers say it’s to protect independent contractors, but it’s the independent contractors filing the lawsuit.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast – Episode 526

Recorded January 8th 2020

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