Vancouver Council Declares “CLIMATE EMERGENCY” I.E. Bow To GLOBAL GOVERNMENT Or You’re All DOOMED!

Vancouver councillors have unanimously approved a motion declaring that we are indeed in the midst of a CLIMATE EMERGENCY! Vancouver city councillors have voted to join cities such as Los Angeles and London in declaring a climate emergency. The city clerk’s office says in a social media post that councillors voted unanimously to approve the motion, councillor Christine Boyle, says staff now have the mandate to “dramatically strengthen” Vancouver’s climate action plan. She says that could include new methods to reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond the city’s current climate targets and creating a “special working group” to support Vancouver’s efforts to transition off of fossil fuels. In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains what they mean by “special working group” and how this “emergency” is actually a non issue designed to bring about an eventual one world government.