Something Strange Happening in USA…(always)

Reallygraceful – June 15th, 2023
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Discussing California AB 957 …what do you think internet friends?

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Dark Clouds over America: the Weekly Wrap-Up

There’s some new stuff in this video, but mainly it’s a wrap-up of everything we’ve talked about in the last week.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Rockefeller-Target Connection EXPOSED

From Cold Spring Harbor to a rack near you.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Unbelievable…Something Strange is Happening in the USA

Strange events from May 2023.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Side Quest: Target Clown World Pride Collection

We’re going on a field trip today.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – U.S. Capitol Flies Upside Down Flag

May 16, 2023: upside down flags.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN MONEY (Explained in 5-ish Minutes)

US CURRENCY: From Colonial Times to CBDC…Explained in 5 Minutes(-ish…I tried)

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Is AI Really a Threat?

In which I discuss the recent advent of user-friendly AI products like ChatGPT, the repeated talking points about AI and how it’s going to replace all our jobbbbs, as well as curious parallels between data-mining, AI, and DNA collection companies.

Also: (Reallygraceful) – Something Strange is Happening in Chicago

Documenting all the strange happenings in Chicago as of late…just a coincidence or something more? You tell me.