Lacey & Ashley – Is A Traditional Housewife The Ideal Woman?

Lacey Lynn is a full time wife, homemaker and homeschooling mom of two. Ashley is a wife of eleven years and mother of two. She is passionate about White advocacy and opposing globalization.

Lacey and Ashley join Lana for a lively discussion about tradition. Our conversation begins with everyone sharing their views on tradition from a female perspective. We then move on to discuss what it means to be a homemaker. Lacey and Ashley share the view that mending clothes, sewing, making breakfast, seeing their children off to school, cooking, baking, and performing countless other tasks contributes to a happy, well-organized home. We also talk about how the prevailing cultural perception of stay-at-home mums is an inaccurate and distorted one. Our panel astutely observes that not only are most women happier in this traditional role, but that homemaking micro-behaviours are inexorably connected to the establishment of a more natural way of living. The survival of one’s own family radiates outward and is linked to the continued existence of our nation, race, heritage, and culture. We address other subjects as well such as managing stress, complementarianism, fashion, and politics.

In the member’s part, we discuss how to best draw more women to the traditionalist movement. Lacey, Ashley, and Lana talk about the challenges faced by young women who wish to get married and become homemakers. Our panel analyzes the vindictive rationale behind Thotgate, and Antifa’s efforts to dissuade women from expressing their views. We also express the need for a mutually supporting community; and demonstrate how young women imbue political movements with added power and legitimacy.