Liberty, Identitarianism, Censorship & Bolshevik Threat – Tom Lacovara-Stewart

Tom Lacovara-Stewart joins Henrik for a discussion about Liberty, Identitarianism & Censorship. We discuss demographics and the new far-left guard that is radicalizing the Democratic Party and the fake GOP movement that has been taken over by globalist neocons. In part two we talk about Soviet Israel, the dangers of Bolshevism and also what has been dubbed the world’s scariest drug: scopolamine. It’s called Devil’s Breath in Columbia, the origin country. Supposedly you can get individuals to do what you want with the use of the drug. Tom speculates that this drug has been using on individuals that have done false flag attacks. We move on to discuss the Fabian Society and Nancy Pelosi recently praising one of the founders, George Bernard Shaw.

Tom Lacovara-Stewart is an independent alternative media radio talk show host of the Resurrect the Republic Radio Show on the Republic Broadcasting network.

See Also: (Red Ice TV) – Purpose, Belonging & The Great Natural Order – Jared George

Jared George, also known as The Great Order, joins Henrik to discuss belonging, purpose, natural order and spirituality from a pro-European perspective. We talk about his journey into these topics and move on to talk about the importance of understanding the story we are part of so that we can appreciate and connect with our European roots. In the second part for members we start on the obstacles we currently face. Reaching out with a message of preserving difference is not always an easy task but we take solace in the fact that most people have not yet engaged in these questions. When the chaos of a border-less and globalized world reach people’s doorstep many wake up and choose to take action in some way. Every black pill that we are offered is based on current trends and Jared reminds us that those can change at any moment. Difference is so much more than skin deep and collectively as a people we are part of something extraordinary.

Jared George produces and has a YouTube channel of the same name. He also hosts livestreams, including The After Party with Jason Köhne of No White Guilt.