NeoCon Trotskyite Mind of Steven Crowder – Change my Mind

As we hear of building walls from the right, open borders from the left, and the ever growing war on the people called prohibition or the “war on drugs”, neither side will be honest with themselves or with the American people. All of these problems would not only be defeated straight away by abolishing UnConstitutional Socialism, but we would not need the expenditure of more wealth redistribution thus not only would we cease the incentive for waves of immigration (invasions), but we would also be able to reduce the size of many government agencies. A win win that no political prostitute will utter. Many Conservatives today have been poisoned with Progressivism or Trotskyism on the right, Cultural Marxism on the left. Both explain away their own wealth distribution schemes reinforcing the power of the state and robbery of the people through coercion and force (taxes).

Like Ben Shapiro says, “the redistribution of wealth is evil”. (unless it is redistributing it to Israel.)