SPLC – DEES is OUT & FBI FOIA Proves Advanced Knowledge in OKC

No journalist would use them as a source, but what MSM fails to state is that our Federal Standing Armies have not only used their literature and training, but also their unaccountable operatives. The SPLC is looking more and more like a CIA front.And while FOX News takes them to task for much of their insanity, they fall short at telling the whole story of the clandestine unaccountable operatives and informants who seek to demonize Patriot and Militia Groups labeling all of them as “white supremacist Nazis”while often leading or taking a major part in the said activities of these so called Fascist groups. #SPLC #FBI #MorrisDees

Special thanks to Chris Emery of Free Mind Films for allowing us to use his documentary footage and for collaborating on our OKC Anniversary Interview Project.