The NETANYAHU DECEPTION – Control of US Foreign Policy

As I was going through some files I came across this old clip of Netanyahu being caught, to his political embarrassment, admitting that the President of the United States and US Foreign Policy are easily steered in the direction that best suits Israel’s interests. How many times have you seen people browbeat and called antisemitic for saying this exact same thing. Yet here is Netanyahu admitting it.
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A woman attending a town hall hosted by Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez interrupted the proceedings to demand that people “start eating babies” in response to climate change. What has been now a claimed trolling stunt by the LaRouche PAC, the woman also referred to very real Swedish scientists who have suggested considering ingesting human flesh. What was seriously disturbing was the lack of a reaction from most as well as how in today’s climate of sprit cooking and last trimester up to birth abortions, it didn’t seem unbelievable. THAT is scary. I’ve included in this presentation clips on ideological subversion. I am not convinced that LaRouche PAC is little more than psyop propagandists. I thought much higher of them in the past, but they are also Zionists, so there is that. The Thursday afternoon town hall at Queens Public Library in Corona, New York, was about to wrap up with a pair of questions from other participants when a woman wearing a “Save the Planet. Eat the Children” T-shirt stood up and took over the final part with a plea for her own ‘solution’ to climate change.

#AOC #EatTheChildren

“We’re not gonna be here for much longer because of a climate crisis,” said the woman. “We only have a few months left. I love that you support the Green New Deal, but getting rid of fossil fuel is not gonna solve the problem fast enough.”

She also had a new campaign slogan for AOC:

So, I think your next campaign slogan has to be this, we have to start eating babies. We do not have enough time. There’s too much CO2. All of you, you are polluting. Too much CO2. We have to start now. Please, you’re so great. I’m so happy that you are really supporting new green deal. But it is not enough. Even if we bomb Russia, we have too many people, too much pollution. So we have to get rid of the babies. That is the big problem. Just stopping having babies is not enough. We need to eat the babies. Please give a response.

The really hilarious part of this is AOC’s reaction and that of her audience. With leftists like Planned parenthood selling fetal baby parts, to abortionists demanding the right to kill up until birth, the Clinton / Podesta elite leftists engaged in behavior such as spirit cooking and very pedo-like suspicious conversations using code words the FBI has revealed to be that of the kind Pedophiles use to stay hidden yet communicate with each other… to the murder of millions of people via the tool of tyranny, government totalitarianism who can blame anyone for believing it to be potentially plausible? And as I said, I am not convinced that this was not a deliberate psychological operation as opposed to a mere hoax.