We Have Officilly Hit Idiocracy

This video presentation is far deeper than many might realize. I am seeing the decades of combined research of many of us all together, that has shown an agenda. We have been smeared, called Conspiracy theorists, etc. But with the take down of Albert Pikes statue, those who have listened to me for years know I have predicted this down to the groups being used to achieve it.

Perhaps now folks will take me more seriously. Or perhaps we have as a whole have been “Idiocracy Infused” to water the crops with Brando (Gatorade)

Time will tell.

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Everyone who knows me knows that I am very critical of law enforcement but not to the point of being unreasonable. Leftists need to stop defending criminals and thugs as their examples of abuse. This shooting was absolutely justified. The man took the officers weapon. General Albert Pike, Grandmaster of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry was rumored to have penned a letter to fellow Illuminus Mazinni that spoke of 3 world wars. All so far eerily accurate. Right up to today. Now while we can only trace this rumor back to the early 1920’s. But even at that date the alleged “prophesy” which was far more likely a blueprint, than Clairvoyance it still holds eerily correct. And right on time BLM and Antifa take center stage.

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The effects of the political cause /reaction / solution has caused more problems than can be counted. There are likely some very dark days ahead, but that doesn’t mean we need to feed that emotion. Take a stand, be an example. LaVoy Finicum made a huge impact on freedom loving people all over the world. And I believe his message …

It doesn’t matter how it turns out. It matters how you stand.


My devotion to the sailors and their advocates of the USS Liberty will never sane or falter. What happened to them is beyond inexcusable. Not only did a foreign military attack them, but they were betrayed by those who they thought they were fighting for. I will never respect the colors of the US, never celebrate a 4th of July, while they continue to cover up these crimes.

Allow me for one moment to entertain the thought that this attack was an accident. Ok.


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There has been nothing enjoyable about the current state of affairs. There are protests everywhere. Looting, violence, and it honors no one. To honor the man murdered by the police in Minnesota would require everyone to unite and stand together…. I find the timing and connections dubious. The allegedly deceased and the alleged murderer cop worked together and one was an actor. And all of a sudden everyone can be in massive groups together and not drop dead. And they are pimping “contact tracing” out know to investigate the protesters. This brought a smile to all of our faces… I did take a little creative license with the gunshots as in the video the yelling and the fact that the defender was in the store kind of muted it… But we all get the point. We don’t need more Authoritarianism, more police, contact tracing, etc. We need more freedom to handle things for ourselves.