Yellow Vests Call Out Zionist Pedophile Advocate Alain Finkielkraut – MSM Cries Antisemitism

RTR Truth Media – Published on Feb 19th, 2019 – (Paris France) French Jewish intellectual is allegedly attacked by anti-Semites during yellow vest protest. The only problem is that the main stream media is not giving anyone the backstory of why this man is so despised. Sub to Zionist Report 3 – Tell him RTR sent ya! (Support our work – Donate – The philosopher Alain Finkielkraut vigorously defends the filmmaker Roman Polanski , arrested in Switzerland for “illegal sex” with a 13-year-old , in 1977 in the United States. Interviewed on Friday 9 October on France Inter, Alain Finkielkraut said: “Polanski is not the rapist of Essonne. Polanski is not pedophile”. Roman Polanski was charged with providing regulated substance to a minor, obscene or lascivious acts on a child under 14, illegal sex, drug-related rape, perversion and sodomy, according to the Los Angeles Times. Polanski plead guilty to illegal sex with a minor. He is IN FACT a convicted Pedophile. So what gives this “intellectual the idea that he is not? Look to the Talmud and one might understand. According to Talmudic law Polanski, a Jewish man himself is actually not guilty……. but to the rest of the civilized world he absolutely is.

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I have told this story over and over again. And until we have justice and awareness I will never stop. I lost my friends and firefighting instructors that day. Who were the only ones arrested on 9/11 with explosives? and others with residue and who failed polygraphs? Israelis. This is a FACT on record with the FBI. And the East Rutherford Police.