Democratic Party Is COLLAPSING, Chaos Erupts As Voters Quit, Turnout TANKS, And DNC CHEATS Bernie

James Carville appeared on MSNBC and in a now viral clip claims the Democrats are out of their minds, candidates are campaigning on fringe issues, and Trump’s approval is higher than its ever been. Panic erupted within the party due to low voter turnout and the only response Bernie Sanders gave as to why he should be chosen as the nominee is that he can drive voter turnout.

If that were true why did so few come to caucus for Bernie in Iowa? Bernie Sanders did win the popular vote count but total turnout was still low. If Bernie could attract new voters where were they?

But the issue isn’t just the failures of the Democrats but also that they are being accused by progressives and the far left of cheating Bernie to boost Buttigieg.

Several Democratic precinct captains are complaining that the results posted by the IDP/DNC are just wrong. yet even with this Bernie won’t call for a recount.

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Republicans wasted no time after the acquittal of Donald Trump in the impeachment trial in launching their investigation into Hunter Biden. This comes only a few days after Senator Lindsey Graham announced that FISA abuse, the Ukrainian whistleblower, Burisma, and the Biden family would be facing investigations.

The outcome is actually surprising as many thought the Republicans would not seek information as to how these repeated Trump scandals keep emerging. Starting with Russiagate then Ukrainegate it seems like it would not stop.

But now the GOP is pushing back against the Democrats and we may actually get to the bottom of how these fake scandals keep getting pushed up.

Meanwhile Democrats face another battle as the far left candidates and supporters are seeking to upend the party come the DNC.

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Nancy Pelosi, in a fit of rage, tore up Donald Trumps State Of The Union speech. This is possibly the biggest mistake she has ever made as Democratic voters called into C-Span to announce that they would be quitting the party over the embarrassment that Pelosi brought to the party.

Some are even calling for her to resign amid the dishonor to the chamber, to America, and to the voters.

While Republicans praised and cheered Trump, Democrats and the far left refused many times to applaud simple things or honorable people. Far Left democrats were slammed for not standing to honor our servicemen and women.

The #WalkAway campaign just got its greatest moment as independent voters, Trump supporters, and now even Democrats stand in unison denouncing Nancy Pelosi over her temper trantrum

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DNC members are now on record plotting rule changes to stop Bernie Sanders from being able to win the democratic nomination. While most of us know that the DNC was cheating in 2016 what they are doing now is the most brazen and overt cheating they have done yet.

The Democratic National Committee is changing the rules for debate requirements to billionaire Mike Bloomberg can enter the race without having to qualify. In the past Andrew Yang, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, and Cory Booker have all called for rule changes to support a more diverse debate but the DNC said no.

Now that Mike Bloomberg needs help though, they come running. And more interestingly is how Bloomberg recently donated over a million dollars to the Democratic establishment and then all of a sudden they let him debate.

Far Left democrats have failed to actually stand up for themselves for the most part with Bernie Sanders being relentlessly smeared in the media and cheated by the establishment. If they can’t defend themselves why would I stand up for them?

Republicans did not want Trump to win but conceded when it became clear he was the choice the American voters. Now the RNC is seeing record numbers and massive success.

It seems clear that the Democrats will regret these ethical violations as this is going to backfire miserably against them

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There will likely be no new witnesses, the Desperate Democrats delay tactic will not see the Senate floor. With Senator Murkowski now siding with the Republicans those in favor of witnesses now sit at just 49 votes ensuring the impeachment trial comes to a quick end.

But Republicans have failed to strike back against Democrats constant scandals and absurd claims allowing the absurdity to continue.

Russiagate was a lie

Ukrainegate was a lie

And if Republicans do not pursue investigations into how this persists then we will certainly see Russiagate 3.

Republicans have secure a victory for Trump but only barely. They have thus far refused to finish the beast leaving Trump and his allies to fight on their own. Lindsey Graham says this is not the venue for investigating Joe and Hunter Biden, perhaps, but if Republicans do not investigate it will be only a matter of time until the next anti Trump scandal occurs.

Already the staunchest Russiagaters are calling for more investigations into Trump.

If Republicans don’t return in kind, then they deserve it.

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The Former prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin sent a letter demanding that the Ukrainian authorities begin investigating Joe Biden for criminal interference in law enforcement activity. Biden famously got the prosecutor fired with a quid pro quo over 1 billion dollars in US loan guarantees.

Shokin is arguing that Joe Biden intervened in order to stop his investigation into Burisma, a company where Joe Biden’s son was a board member. Interestingly the left argues Shokin was removed for NOT investigating Burisma but the new prosecutor who came in after Biden’s quid pro quo cleared Burisma’s founder of all wrongdoing closing the investigation with no charges filed.

Democrats impeachment trial argument seems to be falling apart as Republicans need only prove Trump perceived a potential corruption on Joe Biden’s part. So far most evidence suggests Hunter Biden at the very least is corrupt and Joe was acting to protect his son.

Trump Lawyer Pam Bondi laid the case that a reasonable person would conclude corruption existed and that Hunter and Joe biden should be investigated. Now with this charge from Shokin there is more evidence to prove Trump’s case