Facebook Has SUSPENDED Me For Reporting on CIA Whistleblower Calling It “Crime Activity”

Recently it was announced that Facebook and Youtube will be banning any content naming the whistleblower. Youtube force privated my first video on the matter and confirmed to me they will not be reinstating it. Facebook has taken down a series of my posts providing reporting and evidence that the named person may in fact be the CIA whistleblower. One post praising the new york times for outing the whistleblower was removed and this led to my suspension from Facebook.

As it was the first time I have ever been suspended for posting something on Facebook it was only a temporary ban. As of the filming of this video I had 6 hours left before I could post again.

Facebook told me that reporting on this person was a “crime activity” that could cause harm even though Fox news has already named the individual twice and many other high profile personalities and news outlets have done so as well.

We are entering dark times. Journalism itself is corrupt or banned completely. ABC News is exposed for spiking possibly the biggest story of our generation and now big tech is banning people and content that provides vital context in the Trump impeachment inquiry.

Democrats are refusing to allow Republicans to call the whistleblower to testify so it is more important than ever to report on who this person is and what is currently going on. See Also: (Tim Pool) – Project Veritas “Epstein Cover Up” Is Being COVERED UP By Media, They REFUSE To Admit The Scandal

Following a groundbreaking story from Project Veritas and James O’Keefe many news outlets ran the story. The Washington Post called the new Veritas leak “airtight.” But while many outlets in the mainstream did cover it cable TV news was unaccountably absent.

These networks for the most part had little to no coverage at all about the expose on Epstein. ABC News explicitly said they would not discuss the controversy.

Instead what we can expect moving forward is more lies and smears from fake news about James O’Keefe.

This story proves just why Project Veritas gets smeared so often. The media does not want to be held accountable and they certainly don’t want to challenge the establishment. They are part of the establishment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re far left, progressive, republican, conservative. From Bernie Sanders Supporters to Trump supporters, everyone recognizes the seriousness and importance of the latest Veritas leak. Yet for some reason mainstream media refused to cover the groundbreaking story. Also: (Tim Pool) – Leaked Audio Of ABC News Sparks Cry Of Epstein COVER UP, Story Implicates MORE Journalists

James O’keefe and Project Veritas has released audio of ABC News reporter Amy Robach complaining that her story on Jeffrey Epstein was shut down by the network and she doesn’t know why. She says she had “everything” mentions Clinton and goes on to say that “the palace” got wind of the story and the network was scared they would not get to interview Will And Kate.

This story is a candid behind the scene view of how these reporters really feel. ABC News issued a statement that flies in the face of their previous reporting. They claimed like many others that they just couldn’t corroborate the story.

But then how does this explain the Covington story, Kavanaugh reporting, or fake news from Kentucky they recently retracted? It seems that their standards are only high when dealing with powerful people like Epstein, prince Andrew, or Bill Clinton.

The story of Epstein is one that could bring together far left, democrats, conservatives, and others. No one believes the official story not even ABC News reporter. But will the media call her fake news for not believing the official story?