Kamala Harris DESTROYED, Democrats Are So DESPERATE They Call Tulsi A Russian Puppet

They have nothing to go on. Their policies are unpopular so what do they do? Flounder But what happens when Tulsi Gabbard completely obliterates Kamala Harris in the Democratic Debate? RUSSIA That’s right, the go to defense they used against Trump is now being aimed at Tulsi Gabbard. Claiming that she is a russian puppet and apologist for Assad. The reality is that they got nothing. #KamalaHarrisDestroyed has been trending for over 12 hours at this point as a top US trend because lets face it, its true. But following the trend many leftists and far left activists took to twitter to shriek about russians, bots, maga bots, trumpists, etc. Heaven forbid real people across the aisle appreciate a dose of reality at these debates. Conservatives and progressives cheered on Tulsi for calling out Kamala’s hypocrisy and the only defense the dems can muster is “but muh russia!”
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Many of these news outlets chased after the algorithm and used woke identity politics and far left social justice rhetoric to make money. They hired people who eschew standard journalist ethics and push mission driven storytelling as they call it. These people are basically activists not journalists and at Vox, Carlso Maza has even advocated throwing milkshakes at people. This plan worked in the short term but led to long term losses as these companies struggle to stay relevant. Total media layoffs this year are around 3,200 and that is not just in digital.

I believe the goal of the news should be to present facts and let the people form their own opinions but most sites inject opinion either because they have no standards, don’t care, and are just trying to get clicks they can sell.

They write endlessly about the short comings of republicans and Trump and often run defense for far left democrats. In one story from Vox they took a quote from Trump and then claimed he said the exact opposite. Many of these activists in media know people will only glance at the news and not dive in.

In what may be the biggest Get Woke Go Broke to date, digital media companies that brought in hundreds of millions or more in investment are continuing to fail. Woke News Goes Broke Also: (Tim Pool) – Major Antitrust Probe Announced Into Google And Facebook, Insider Says Google Is Biased

Google Employee EXPOSES Political Bias Amid Anti-Trust Announcement. Project Veritas’ latest interview brings a senior google engineer on the record about the political bias at the company. This provides an interesting window into the real problems we are facing in regard to the big tech monopolies. This comes at the same time as the DOJ announces a major anti trust probe into four big tech companies relating to how to they operate and any anti-competitive practices.

The issues with political bias in these companies is that it leads to conservative censorship and market interference. FOr instance the recent banning of the Gab app for content violations even though the app contained no content at all.

Big tech and social media bias is obvious to those that are outside the bubble. While far left, leftist, and social justice activists routinely try to deny that the evidence is real it was actually the left wing Gizmodo that first broke the story in 2016. Also: (Tim Pool) – The Left Is Embracing Fascistic Ideology, Vox Entertains “Socialist Nationalism”

Perhaps Vox just made a silly gaffe in suggesting that “Socialist Nationalism” could work, or perhaps they were seriously suggesting that we try what the Germans did, which would be insane. While the gaffe is funny the encroaching fascistic tactics and ideology is not. While far left groups tend not to be nationalist themselves they do endorse a global community perspective which is not to far off from what we saw in WW 2.

2020 Democrats have even been embracing some of the more fringe ideological beliefs which can only lead in one direction. While social justice is a good thing to strive for the people who end up pushing the hardest use authoritarian means to get what they want. In the end they adopt a world view of “no truth only power” where they will call everything offensive in an effort to advantage or power.

Our society seems to know when the right has gone too far but can’t seem to be at all concerned when the left goes too far. If we don’t actively call out the ever encroaching left wing identitarianism then nothing will stop it.