Media Takes 4Chan Bait, Runs Hashtag Hoax Story

Media Takes 4Chan Bait, Runs Hashtag Hoax Story. Every time 4chan decides to implement some hoax the media decides to run with it. They claim the far right is out there and 11 million people are a part of it. In reality its maybe a small handful of people making a post on a forum. But why does the media run this fake news? Media knows it will generate clicks and far left activists and the social justice crowd can use it to claim there is a boogeyman out there that needs to be stopped. They can then associate the right wing nationalists with the 4 people who posted about the hashtag and claim everything in worse than it is.

In reality, a fringe far right rally only had nine people show up because the truth is there is no boogeyman. The far left and the media push fake news because its mutually beneficial.