New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Dramatically Escalates The Culture War

UPDATE: After the filming of this video Facebook REMOVED The exemption for breaking the law. The Policy will still ban Antifa however.… New Facebook Policy Bans Antifa But Also Allows People To Literally Break The Law. Facebook issues “clarifications” to its new content guidelines in which any group that has ever engaged in a wide range of activities can not only be banned but a special provision will allow people to directly target these people with law breaking activity.

Treading lightly in this description, I’m trying to say that Facebook has just pushed one the most extreme bits of escalation in the culture war allowing people to commit overt law breaking acts and I really have no idea why.

Now anyone far left and far right can target and incite actions against people deemed bad by Facebook meaning we can expect to see the rhetoric go to the extremes.

In a video Paul joseph Watson explains that he is now being directly targeted in this new policy.