Fauci’s lies are putting the American people in danger

Tulsi Gabbard – Fauci is wrong. The “real danger” isn’t unvaccinated people – it’s his continued lie claiming vaccines & cloth/paper masks prevent catching & spreading COVID (only tightly-fitted N95/KN95 respirators work) and ongoing taxpayer funding for dangerous ‘Gain of function’ experiments.
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It’s time for a new Congress to finally take care of our veterans and soldiers. Many of them are relying on food stamps to feed their families, living in deplorable conditions, and not getting the care they need for service-related injuries and illnesses.

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Biden Admin is giving a blank check to military industrial complex & corrupt bureaucrats in Ukraine, while pushing for 87k new IRS agents to squeeze every penny from Americans. Their actions expose who they really care about. It’s not us. It’s a govt of, by & for the powerful elite

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80% of transgender ppl who seek medical intervention eventually lose desire to identify as the opposite sex. ‘Woke’ lies by Biden admin, MSM & radical activists encouraging mutilating kids’ bodies & minds under the guise of “gender-affirming care” are destroying countless lives