Individuation And True Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

Prof. Sam Vaknin & Richard Grannon
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These 2 videos are an introduction to my forthcoming dialog with Richard Grannon. Dissociation (pay heed: do not use the wrong word disassociation!) and objectification are at the core of separation-individuation around the ages of 18-24 months. Prior to the separation phase, the child is in a symbiotic state. He regards his mother as a part of himself. To separate from her, he needs to cut off this part and objectify it (render it an external object). He also develops transient grandiosity to be able to take on the world, all by its little self. Narcissism is a failure of separation-individuation owing to a lack of boundaries between the child and his mother. So, when the narcissist comes across a mother substitute (an “intimate partner”), he tries to recreate the ancient dynamic by forcing her to merge with him (absorbing her in order to eliminate her object status, her individuality). He aggressively and grandiosely converts his partner into a self-object or an object representation thus eliminating her ability to separate from him – at least in his mind. He violates all her boundaries to negate her agentic autonomy. I coined the phrase “narcissistic abuse” to describe this inexorable process.

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Narcissist’s introject muted, yours active and vociferous. Narcissist theatre play: he scripts and directs, you act and prop (external locus of control) Current advice wrong, freezes emergent roles and, therefore, locus. Reverse the roles: you script and direct, he acts and is a prop, whether he is physically present or not (introject). Own the narcissist by appropriating his roles and then constellate/integrate the parts. Separation-individuation on the road to recovery and healing.

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