Unpayable Debts, Unwinnable Wars – Is America Heading For A Crack-Up Boom?

History is filled with examples of failed attempts to ‘conquer the world.’ Americans seceded from the greatest military power that the world had ever seen, in the British Empire. America would be different. It would be the ‘land of the free.’ And for a while, it was different. Never have so many individuals had so much freedom, and never was so much prosperity created by a single nation. But alas, the ideas of ‘conquering the world,’ took over and the downward slide began. As the dustbin of failed empires waits for its newest member, the American people must re-learn and re-implement the ideas of Liberty.
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It’s not called the “Empire of Lies” for nothing. Deception is the oxygen of empire. 44,000+ hours of January 6th footage has been released, and it’s quite obvious as to why they weren’t released in the first place. Also today, Javier Milei was elected in Argentina. Is change coming to the South American nation?

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America wasn’t meant to be an empire, but a land of individual liberty. Empires destroy liberty. Why must our money be taken from us for weapons and endless war? Our money shouldn’t be taken from us at all, let alone for that! Why not use our money to fix our deteriorating country? Why do our politicians constantly complain about our deteriorating country, yet constantly vote for weapons and war? Why do politicians speak “America First,” but vote “Empire First”? Why do they complain about our poor, but vote to make more of us poor? Since Empires always go bankrupt, why are our politicians pushing us to that extreme? Are they that terrified of us being free?