Think Projection, Time Is Up, Haiti Op Underway [C]?

MSM is attacking the Trump administration to make it look like there is chaos and people are quitting or being fired. Investigations now being moved to the Senate. MSM pushing indictment conspiracy, then turns around and says Mueller has sealed indictments. The deep state leaked the Assange sealed indictment, they are using projection for what is coming. Trump makes a spelling mistake when he tweets Schitt, or is it a spelling mistake, no coincidences. There is an operation in Haiti going down, groups controlled by the [C] are removing certain individuals to cover their tracks. North Korea returns a US citizen.

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The EU is threatening the UK that they better accept the deal or else. The central bankers are doing what they do best, threatening and keeping control, any country that wants to leave the central bankers will make it impossible, that’s why the system needs to be destroyed. Italy might be the next country to leave the EU, this will spread. Countries are dumping treasuries, the countries, elite all ready know what is about to happen, all part of the plan, but not their plan