US, Europe, China, Russia & Others Prepare For The Transition, Tick Tock

Job growth slows, wage growth misses, the number of people out of the workforce is at 1976 lows. House flipping is at an all time low, this is an indicator that the housing market is slowing down. Trump indicates that the negotiations are going well with China. Manufacturing increases but we need about 5 million more manufacturing jobs to get us back to 1979 levels. The Fed is slowly raising rates to crash the economy, part of the plan. Countries are preparing to make a move away from the the central bank dollar.

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Trump goes all out against Mueller with a slew of tweets. Mueller referred probe of Clinton. Trump warns that the illegals are headed towards Arizona. A new report show Soros and Obama worked together to help the illegals. Trump announces that Heather Nauert will be the UN ambassador. Trump makes an announcement that William Barr will be recommended as the AG. Assange rejects the offer from the President of Ecuador. Q drops more bread crumbs, Clinton Foundation investigation is complete. Players are in position. More Q proofs are provided. The Plan is coming together.