Film: Blueprint for Truth, The Architecture of Destruction – Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth(1121 of them)

April 18th, 2009

This is the best 9/11 presentation on the web. If you only see one 9/11 video, see this one. Richard Gage delivers the most complete argument to date that the official story defies reality, logic, and the laws of physics. Included in his presentation are clips from 9/11 Mysteries and Loose Change. Richard Gage is the founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth located at ae911Truth.Org

11 Responses to “Film: Blueprint for Truth, The Architecture of Destruction – Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth(1121 of them)”

  1. Steve Walker Says:

    This is the best video to show people who are very new to this information, are having a 2nd or 3rd look,or are skeptical. When professionals architects and structural engineers speak up it is powerful.

  2. ggw_bach Says:

    the smoking gun? WTC-7. Enough said.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    see on youtube in ´`aircrash investigation“ how it looks like when anairliner crashes into a house look the amsterdam crash and you must admit that it is a big lie that an airliner crashed into the pentagon

  4. john Says:

    we should all be up in arms but who do we kill exactly abolish congress and hang bush and cheney at times square then what another demon will rise up undertake the plot to inslave the world

  5. Johnny Brutal Says:

    wendy brenner “if you had been there and at the firat staging area like me”

    firat is that an english word ?

    Posted by sakerfa on April 18, 2009

    just so you know the date of the post is above

    not “ya may think twice about putting this up on a day like today!!!!!”

    but just so you know I am a new yorker and saw it live

    so please get over it

    the boogeyman is not going to get you

    but where was NORAD ?

    Mr. Brutal

  6. charles buchanan Says:

    There was an interesting show on cable last night. it is jesse venturas new “CONSPIRACY THEORY PROGRAM”

    It delved into the whys of the 911 episode,and tried to show that the buildings were indeed taken down by military grade thermites which he suspected were either painted on beams or walls over a period of months or even years,and were ignited by the aircraft crashing and igniteing them.
    he also pointed out that the FBI and cia were complicit in holding and hideing the black boxes of the aircraft,which would show complicity and a false flag operation.

    here is my theory(and one day will be proven correct on it)

    the aircraft which actually hit the two trade center buildings were “military aircraft” of another nation or groups of nations out of the NATO E.U consortium,haveing legitimate access to their own bases on our american soil.
    If the black boxes were found and inspected by a real commision and independant,they would find they were transponders from military aircraft not from commercial flights #175 and #11. these flights reportedly(from good sources) did not even take off from the airports that day. if this info got out to the public it would show complicity in false flag operations by the 911 commission and suppression of evidence.
    it might also show that there were no telephone messages sent from those flights as originally reported.
    So where were the people on the flight lists from # 175 and #11 that fateful day…did they even exist? I feel they may have all been in meetings or the like in building #7 or in one of the trade center towers where the law enforcement agencies were located and held there or told not to leave and were thus killed deliberately to justify the flight passenger lists.

    mr. ventura tried to show that there were actually terrorists in the cockpit of the two planes before a supposed take off and this was the reason the fbi was suppressing the black box evidence. this is rather weak disinformation and typical of a once bestowed government official like ventura whoo can only divulge part of the story and gather rateings at the same time.
    the beams and the dust and the black boxes would indeed be the most damageing evidence to the 911 commision and the NWO government in which the un-usa is complicit with the bushes-cheneys and obama-hillary biden teams.

    watch them try to take out obama and nancy pelosi to set up the new presidential bilderber capitol with joe biden and hillary(bill)clinton at its head in the near future.

    sincerely,charles h buchanan 111

    VERITAS LUX MEA,in his service

  7. bradysbeau Says:

    i am sitting here sick to my stomach…this video brings proof to what I always suspected yet I some how feel sick rather than vindicated…TY

  8. 911baby Says:

    chuck… are a smart man! plz teach others.thats part of this felt good to read yer words….you need to spread that good around.i dont know you..but i know you…thank you.

  9. rhonda Says:

    johnny brutal “first staging area” ???? hmmm? why would you say “first staging area” ???? is that what PRODUCTION calls it?

  10. rhonda Says:

    wendy brenner i mean.

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