Video: Ron Paul "Republicans Want A NeoCon Influence In The Tea Party Movement"

February 10th, 2010

(MSNBC) – February 09, 2010 – Rachel Maddow Show


2 Responses to “Video: Ron Paul "Republicans Want A NeoCon Influence In The Tea Party Movement"”

  1. JYOOP Says:

    The RNC is scared of Citizens that support common sense and taking back our representation from megla-maniac corporations and stopping the federal reserve from making monetary policy that affects every economy in the world.
    I believe that is why Sarah Palin is getting so much media attention these days. It dilutes the message. The Globalists are afraid we might catch on to the right, left dope the media machines keep dosing us with. Liberal, Right Wing, Lefties, Fringies, Tea Partiers, Wing Nuts(traditionally used to describe a Detroit Red Wings fan) and whatever other names being thrown around these days are all just a huge distraction in my view. We are all citizens and I vote. So when I vote for someone I expect some representation. If you are elected President then I expect you to listen and I will not disrespect you. The Republicans are playing games and so are the Democrats. This day, this hour, I feel like no one is getting the message. Have you heard The Nerd message from a Republican candidate for Gov in MI? It makes me down right ill. Who is this guy? An ex Gateway executive officer? Rick Snyder,wants to Re-Invent Michigan, does that mean anything? Rep. Ron Paul may not be right about everything and I sure don’t listen to Glen Beck but I can read the hand-writing on the wall. Do the math, follow the money and don’t look surprised when you have no water, no food, and no shelter. There are Native Americans in S. Dakota right now taking up donations because they have no electricity. The need for an end to government as we know it, is now!

  2. stevor Says:

    It’s the NeoCons that SCREWED up the formerly “conservative” (GOP) party. The Tea Partiers need to go back to what the Constitution meant for the USA (which is close to what the Libertarian Party has as a stance). As it is now, the NeoCons are turning the USA into a FASCIST state where the corporations (with the military/industrial complex) will continue to scrape off the top of the economy (making billionaires) and leaving regular folks to be their “slaves”.

    Keep the NeoCons (which may include Palin) out of the Tea Party, PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!

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